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Bob Domine has retired, officially.

Bob Domine (Menefee Seay photo)

Thirty-seven years after he was hired by Ed Kallay, a Louisville legend at WAVE-TV, he signed off the air last week.

Domine obviously loved what he did, respected as much if not more for his personality than any expertise in sports. During his farewell remarks, he gave viewers credit for any success he enjoyed as a broadcaster.

Like most like local sports analysts, he was often accused of bias toward the University of Louisville or Kentucky. This may explain why he showed in a green T-shirt for the recent football game. The observer believes Domine appreciates both schools. He’s a people person in every possible sense.

Domine is not going to disappear into the woodwork in retirement. He’s just too likable.


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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

7 thoughts on “Domine does it”
  1. Yes, he will definitely be missed. I noted that he was on the field at last Saturday’s game wearing a Louisville jersey with DOMINE plastered across the back. 😉

  2. Nothing but respect and a simple “thank you” to Bob. He served his country well, served the Louisville sports market well and I would say that I’ll miss him on the sidelines at UofL women’s basketball games…but I have a feeling I’ll see him there.

    Semper Fi…go easy, bro.

  3. Well, Domine is OK but I’d take Ed Kallay (the guy who hired him) any time over any UL broadcaster or sports reporter. Used to listen to Ed do the games on WGRC radio (in the days before it became WAKY. LOL)

    Swamp Daddy

    1. Dead on, Charlie…’Uncle Ed’ was horrible at play by play but his fill in comments and wonderfully wacky observations while broadcasting endeared him to a lot of us.

      My late father never missed a Kallay call. He said it was more entertaining than the Marx Brothers.

      The late Jack Tennant used to tell some fantastically funny stories about Kalley. One I remember went something like.

      Kallay was having trouble with pronouncing a couple of the player’s names on an opposing team. After a few botched attempts, Kallay finally announced to the listeners that he was going to refer to them as “that guy” and “the other guy”.

      “That guy bounces a pass to the other guy…Lietdke can’t stop ’em inside and those damn guys score.”


  4. Bob Domine is my grandpa. We spent the whole day together. I had a blast! I love you , grandpa!

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