Guess who co-chaired the NCAA’s Football Rules Committee during the off season?

None other than Randy Edsall, the head coach at UConn. His team, remember, was the one that ran the play that made poor officiating decision history with Larry Taylor’s fake fair catch and a backbreaking touchdown against Louisville three years ago.

One has to wonder whether Edsall pondered using his chairmanship to make sleights of hand more acceptable during the deliberations. He sure seemed to like the way it turned out for UConn in 2007.

Seriously, it’s time to brush up on the rule changes for 2010, the major, minor and questionable:

  • Wedge Formations — On kickoffs, the receiving team may not form a wedge (shoulder-to-shoulder) of three or more players to block for the ball carrier. Penalty is 15 yards. The original flying wedge used by Harvard was outlawed in the 1890’s.
  • An exception is made if the kick is made from an obvious onside formation. Like players have the time and space to form wedges in these situations.
  • Injuries — When the game is stopped for any injury, the affected player must leave the game for at least one down. There goes a time-worn desperation game-delay strategy for some.
  • Pre-Game Warm-Ups — Teams encouraged to observe a 10-yard buffer zone between the 45-yard lines beginning 60 minutes before the opening kickoff. Even if one team is stomping on the other team’s logo?
  • Eye-Shade — If eye shade is worn it must be solid black with no words, numbers, logos or other symbols. A curious rule. One guesses Tim Tebow’s Bible verses must have offended someone, somehow.
  • SocksMust be the same color and design. No mention made of length.

Just make the calls consistently. That’s all we ask, right Randy?

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “The Wedge Thwarted Again <br/>In College Football Rule Changes”
  1. Just curious…

    Did you know Edsall wasn’t the ref who made the call on that play?

    1. I agree with sdhusky on this one…….btw wasn’t that over 3 yrs. ago?? Get over it already! Seems to me that we got hosed on a phantom holding call in the end zone in the final seconds of a game against North Carolina last year. 2 pt. safety! Randy’s comment was we shouldn’t have put ourselves in that position to begin with and lose by one point. Cardinal fans could learn something from that.

      1. Don’t take it personally, guys. It’s just ironic that Edsall is chairing the rules committee when his team was involved in one of the worst calls ever.

    2. I lost all respect for Edsall with his after the game comments. They clearly indicated that it was a planned trick that he knew was coming. He chortled at it’s success.

      What a sleeze!!!!!

  2. Encouraged

    Doesn’t look like there is a penalty assessed to the players or teams if that 10-yard buffer is broken… only “encouraged”. Let them stomp… see what happens.

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