From the Ripley’s department comes the unbelievable news that Matt Simms, formerly at the University of Louisville, may be in contention for the starting quarterback job at Tennessee.

Simms was among many players to transfer from the Louisville football team for a wide variety of reasons over the last three seasons. Explanations were rarely provided so fans were often in the dark. Simms saw so little action one never knew whether he had potential or not.

Lane Kiffen, the last Tennessee coach, apparently thought so, recruiting Simms from a junior college.

With the news of the recent departure of Nick Stephens from the UT squad, Simms could very well be the front runner. His primary competition is Tyler Bray, an incoming freshman.


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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

3 thoughts on “Simms Competes For Starting Job At Tennessee”
  1. I read that too, interesting besides his off the field issues- he did not show much in the few times he got in- I know he had a heck of a HS career and he has the bloodline.

    I was hoping he would work out with the Cards-but with the new offense now he would not likely fit. Good luck to local hero’s son!!

  2. I hope he’s developed a better throwing motion and delivery than the sidearmed, barely over the offensive linemen’s head tossed he displayed while here. I remember him coming in as relief a couple years ago up at Pittsburgh and didn’t show a whole lot.

    Unless he’s suddenly developed his Daddy’s skills…they’ll kill Simms in the SEC.

  3. If Simms becomes the starter at UT it will be just one more nail in the already interred coffin of Steve Kragthorpe.

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