No problem finding the head coach at the practice field. Charlie Strong’s is the booming voice one encounters upon descending on a University of Louisville football practice.

Strong is not the only coach getting in players’ faces. They all do it, all the time. Make a wrong turn, look lethargic, fail to deflect a pass on defense, miss a catch or block on offense. Make a mistake of walking and not running to the next drill. Look like you’re daydreaming, not paying attention, or somewhere out there:

Catch hell, and lots of it.

The practice field sounds much like a military parade ground, with drill sergeants all around, each focusing on fundamentals on the opening day of spring practice. Reminiscent of the days of Bobby and Paul Petrino, perfectionists with little tolerance for shortcomings.

*    *    *

A couple of surprises with the quarterback situation, with Luke Woodley, a highly-touted recruit from Texas, among the missing. He was said to have enrolled but didn’t stick around for the semester. Whether he returns in the fall is up in the air.

Justin Burke, a questionable returnee, was wearing his familiar No. 13, taking snaps along with Adam Froman and Will Stein.

Adam Castro, a never used backup quarterback, is no longer on the roster.

*     *     *

Among the wide receivers making a super first-day impression was Doug Beaumont, making some impossible catches with defenders blanketing him.

Troy Pascley continues to look like a great receiver except that he wasn’t catching everything. Not always his fault.

*     *    *

Josh Chichester, a 6-foot-8 wide receiver, was the target of a little ribbing by wide receivers coach Rod Dugans proclaiming Chichester to be the tallest receiver in America. One suspects Dugans was sending some sort of message about his expectations.

*     *     *

Good crowd of about 1,100 fans, more or less. The coaching staff has even installed some bleachers to accommodate fans. Nice touch, a first, never occurring to previous football bosses.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “New Beginning For Louisville Football”
  1. Nice to know we have a forceful coach in charge again, the kind who makes kids afraid to fail while also wanting to play above their heads. Players today need to know exactly who’s in charge. We may not be very good in the beginning but they will still be heads and shoulders above where they were last season.

  2. Sounds like practice is headed in the right direction. I’m curious as to what is happening with Luke Woodley, no information online and nothing from the UofL camp…hmmm???

  3. Great update Charlie! We are really looking forward to the CARDS getting back on track and it sounds like they have it going it the right way.

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