Here are the final 19 seconds of the Louisville-West Virginia basketball game and the hotly-debated calls. Thanks to “hothot” for bravely embarking into the deep black holes of the web to retrieve the video.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

12 thoughts on “Last 19 Seconds: Louisville-West Virginia”
  1. You should only have to watch this once. Devin Ebanks (WVU’s #3 who you all think the ball went off) injured his hand a while ago and wears a white wrap on most of his left hand. the hand the ball goes off in the video is clearly not wrapped in white.

    1. The hand is seen in silhouette, you can’t tell whether it’s bandaged or not. And it shouldn’t matter anyway, as Delk got hammered while shooting a 3-pointer and should have been at the line shooting 3 FTs.

  2. Yea, and if you look closely you can see the ball go off WVU’s head! It should’ve been Louisville ball with ball & 19 seconds. Sheesh.

  3. Louisville was robbed… the sports reporters comments reflect a set back by the call. – Thanks to HotHot I watched it again — I feel so bad another game lost.
    Charlie, I would agree they were intimidated by Huggins.
    It cost the game. aaahhhh.

  4. Should have been a tripping call at the 19 second point which the refs blew. As for the ball out of bounds it went off a Ville player. As posted Ebanks left hand has a wrap and the hand that touched it did not.

    Cry all you want the game is over and WVU got the W. Can’t wait for you crybabies ot show up at Mountaineer Field next fall and watch Charlie get his ass kicked.

    Live with it.

    1. Tripping call? That’s funny. Buckles’ foot was set and the player ran over it. What’s he supposed to do? Make it easier for you to score? As for football, we are now looking forward again to return trips to Morgantown.

    2. The call at 19 seconds was not tripping, the call was out of bounds off Louisville which was clearly wrong. As for the “trip,” Buckles was standing still and Mazzullo (sp?) stepped on it. That’s not a tripping violation.

  5. Hey Jake and Toothless, its’s on record, De’Sean Butler said the ball was off him. No worries, we’ll probably see ya before the fall.

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