Thoughts that recur the day after another loss in which Louisville was in control going into the final minutes.

  • Has there ever been a bigger turnaround in a player’s attitude than with Samardo Samuels. Get him the ball, he’ll do the right thing. But the go-to player not touching the ball in the last two minutes.
  • Peyton Siva playing the best game of his college career. Hitting five of six shots, including four three-pointers, for 14 points. Four rebounds, four! Two steals and an assist. Three turnovers but he’s an “eraser,” offsetting them with good stuff.
  • Siva leaving the game not to return at the 5:16 mark with Louisville leading 70-62. Edgar Sosa entering the game.
  • Sinking feeling at the 4:19 mark Preston Knowles leaving the game, U of L clinging to 70-65 lead, Jerry Smith returning.
  • Jared Swopshire with his seventh miss of eight field goal attempts at 3:47. Has he ever hit a shot with a game on the line?
  • Bad form to blame officials, no matter the circumstances or the level of their competency. Frustrating.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “After Still Another Missed Opp”
  1. Hi Charlie, I see your point and appreciate the follow up.
    Also,thanks to hothot ~~ I will review the footage.
    I do enjoy this site very much – I learn a great deal and look forward to others speaking there opinion on all Card topics.
    By the way, I hope Coach Pitino stands up to the Big East officiating. Flares need to be launched after this game.

  2. Jay Wright of Villanova gets a technical.Starts getting some calls Villanova wins. Bob Huggins gets a technical. Starts getting some calls. WVU wins.


    Rick needs to fire a shot over the bow at the Big East officiating because it has been horrible, go ahead and take the Big East fime they’ll levy out. He has to show he’s not going to sit idly by and accept it anymore.

    We were a victim of home cooking and intimidation yesterday. Oh, and we don’t have a leader on this team, either.

  3. Perhaps it is bad form to blame the officials Charlie. If it did cost them the game you can understand why Coach Pitino was so angry. Does anyone have those last few minutes on the web? It would be nice to review it again.
    Just my 5 cents…

    1. Lori, I agree the officiating was horrible. They were clearly intimidated by Huggins and the home crowd. I was just pointing out that we can’t win complaining about the officiating no matter how bad it is. Unfortunately, bad officiating is a part of the game these days. It is almost impossible to predict which way a call is going to go on a blocking or charge call. It usually goes against the visiting team when things are intense. That’s a real shame. The rules should be clear but they are vague and subject to interpretation, really taking away from the integrity of the game.

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