Ice, Ice and More …

Consider yourself fortunate if you have power today. University of Louisville fans are covered in ice.  Big chunks of trees down as far as the Observer can survey in the front yard, side yards and back yard and throughout the neighborhood. Power probably out for the next few days so going remote [mother-in-law’s power working]. Louisville-South Florida game is on.


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Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

One thought on “Ice, Ice and More …

  • January 28, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    We’re still up and running here, but my mom and one of my brothers and his family aren’t so we’ve got them over here. Showing my niece as I type this how to surf and blog on the internet. We’re going to the That’s So Raven and Spongbob sites after this!

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