Reasons for the University of Louisville basketball team to be motivated as Rick Pitino’s crew takes on Syracuse on Sunday:

— Syracuse had the least enthusiastic fans over Louisville’s entry into the Big East Conference. Some of them were nasty about it, for some reason believing their university was superior in every way.  That probably goes with rationalizing life in the declining Rust Belt region.

— Syracuse will abandon the Big East the first chance it gets. The institution was actually one of the original schools selected by the Atlantic Coast Conference, and would already have been gone without a timely intervention of the Virginia Governor on behalf of Virginia Tech.

— Give 30,000 Syracuse fans in the Carrier Dome a life lesson in humility.

— The Carrier Dome doesn’t have air conditioning during the early months of the football season. That’s in a domed stadium named for a climate control company.

Big East Conference

— Syracuse’s school color is orange. People wearing orange at any time other than the last week in October is inappropriate.

— The Syracuse football team has won games it shouldn’t have won over Louisville the past two seasons.

— Improve Louisville’s all-time edge to 9-4 in games between UofL and Syracuse.

— Syracuse is ranked eighth in the Associated Press and ESPN/USA Today coaches polls, Louisville is ranked 9th and 11th in those respective polls.

— Extend the Cards’ six game winning streak to seven.

— Remain undefeated in the Big East Conference.

— Louisville has never won a basketball game in the Carrier Dome.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “Take Syracuse Down”
  1. Did we not play the 1997 regional semi-final and final in the Carrier Dome? We beat Texas before falling to UNC.

  2. And Eric Devendorf is a punk. A trash-talking, smarmy, self-congratulatory, should-have-been-expelled-for-beating-a-woman punk.
    If there was ever a reason for hating Jim Boeheim, letting Devendorf back on the team after that disgusting incident would be it…

  3. gotta respectfully disagree about the orange part, Observer. wore it prouldy for 4 years in high school and it’s still my second favorite color next to red.

  4. It won’t be easy,in fact it will probably be an outright battle, but it’s time for the Cards to win one in the Carrier Dome! Go Cards!!

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