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Crum’s Revenge: Louisville schooling UK

November 30, 2015 0 Comments

Lots of things to savor in Mike Lindsay’s latest video recapturing the University of Louisville football team’s 38-24 win over Kentucky …

The slow mo’s, the stop action, the repetition, so many big UofL plays.

Total domination after those initial interceptions.

Lamar Jackson toying with the annihilated Kentucky defense, shocked and so inadequate.

Closeups of confused and frustrated UK fans, wanting to be anywhere but at Commonwealth Stadium.

Credit: FIVE from @CrumsRevenge on Vimeo.

One more time: Petrino post-UK-presser

November 29, 2015 0 Comments

Just so sweet, all those averting UK eyes over the next few days.

Not surprisingly, every University of Kentucky football fan we know is still in denial. In case they need reminding, UofL outscoring Kentucky 38-3 over the last three quarters in that 38-24 win, the fifth straight win for UofL in the series. Bobby Petrino undefeated against the Wildcats while at UofL. Take it Bobby:


Louisville sends Kentucky football back to obscurity

November 28, 2015 4 Comments

Thanksgiving weekend ending on a downer.

Kentucky fans gloating, preparing to make life miserable for Louisville fans.

The game was going south in a hurry, UK driving 75 yards for a touchdown on its first drive, intercepting two Kyle Bolin passes, jumping out to a 21-0 lead over the University of Louisville.

The Governor's Cup belong to UofL for fifth year in a row.

The Governor’s Cup to UofL for fifth year in a row.

The worst fear of UofL football, badly needing a win over UK to achieve a winning record. Needing the win to ensure a losing record for UK. Having to win to tie the all-time series at 14-14. Wanting to deny UK a legitimate shot at a bowl game

All these objectives at serious risk with Kentucky on its way to burying Louisville on the first three possessions. Threatening to crush this UofL football team, sending the program back to the dark ages. This was a UK team going nowhere over the past seven weeks, not going anywhere in the post season. Not a program to which any self-respecting program wants to lose.

Louisville wasn’t about to quit, however, overcoming a 21-point deficit for 38-24 win over Kentucky. There is life again for UofL football. No groveling for Louisville fans, no harrassing of Uofl fans by Kentucky fans.

Kyle Bolin, probably appearing in his last ever starting role for UofL, throwing interceptions to Kentucky players on Louisville’s first two possessions. Playing in his home town, in Lexington, before friends and family, caught in the headlights, losing focus. Not the same Kyle Bolin who led UofL to a comeback win over UK last season. The total opposite, this Kyle Bolin.

Had Bolin not gotten off to such an abysmal start, Lamar Jackson might still be awaiting his chance on the sideline. Coach Bobby Petrino had no alternative but send in his enigmatic freshman quarterback.

Whether he’s on your team or on the opposing team, Lamar Jackson is totally unpredictable. Not sure whether he even knows the offense, or if he needs to know the plays with his football savvy, those moves of his, and that incredible speed. No way were the Wildcats prepared for what he brought to the game.

Jackson would run for 186 yards and pass for 130 more, accounting for 316 of his team’s 489 yards. He would pass for one touchdown and rush for two touchdowns, making the Kentucky defenders look foolish, according to UK coach Mark Stoops.

Jackson getting some help from Brandon Radcliff, both as a featured running back and decoy. Radcliff would rush for 62 yards and two touchdowns, taking advantage of UK’s preoccupation with Lamar Jackson.

So Thanksgiving weekend ends with still more reasons to give thanks, with the UK threat having been extinguished. the UK fans humbled once more, refused a golden opportunity to end the four-year losing streak, and denied a chance to assert their authority in all things over Louisville. Keep dreaming, Cat fans.

UofL at Kentucky, ESPN3, Noon

November 28, 2015 2 Comments


Question: Can Stoops control UK players against Louisville

November 24, 2015 13 Comments

The antics of University of Kentucky players prior to the annual football game against the University of Louisville last season had to be the worst display of poor sportsmanship I’ve ever seen.  It remains to be seen whether UK coach Mark Stoops has learned anything from that episode.

Fans were in a state of disbelief as too many UK players to count waved their middle fingers and upside-down L’s toward the stands during pre-game warmups at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Predictably, some of them stomped on the UofL logo at midfield.Screenshot 2015-11-27 10.03.28

Then several of them brazenly wandered to the Louisville side of the 50-yard line, getting into the faces of UofL players, pushing and shoving, as if seeking to ignite an all-out rumble. So many UK players on UofL’s side of the field, more intent on conflict than any concern about the upcoming game.

Anyone who witnessed that had to be concerned about what would happen on UK’s home field this year. The situation is strikingly similar to last year, with Kentucky again needing a win to become bowl eligible. The Wildcats are backed into a corner, they’re desperate, and they are in their own den. If they could do what they did at an away game, who knows how far they will take it Lexington? On their home field?

In his pre-game remarks Monday, Stoops seemed to accept responsibility for the extracurricular activities. He said the emotions may have hurt his team and there will be no repeat of the histrionics. “We don’t need to do that, we need to worry about playing football,” he said.

Hopefully, that’s true. But that should have been obvious to the UK coaching staff last season, instead of encouraging their players to be aggressive. Embarrassing themselves while insulting both UofL and UK fans. Why would he have lowered himself to that level in the first place?

Stoops is going to have to prove he can control himself and his players this Saturday. Some of these UK players, including starting quarterback Drew Barker, were among those involved in a brawl at Richmond bar in which an Eastern Kentucky University football player was seriously injured. No significant legal action wasf taken as a result of that incident, nor were any UK players dismissed from the team.

Among the UK players to keep an eye is C.J. Johnson, a senior defensive tackle, who wears No. 67. Johnson told reporters, “A lot of players from Kentucky hate them, hate them (Louisville) a lot.” Strong emotions and words for someone raised in South Carolina. If Johnson’s attitude is typical of his teammates, Stoops may have difficulty controlling his troops.

UofL players restrained themselves pretty well before last year’s game, considering UK’s silliness came as a total surprise. College teams just don’t come into Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium and act like that. Any effort by UofL fans to respect the visiting team that day was wasted, the UK coaching staff and players tarnishing their school’s image in a major way.

Louisville players will not be caught off guard this weekend.  The hope is that they will continue to maintain their focus on football.  The worst thing would be to actively respond to the gutter-sniping. Give them what they want, but do it to them on the football field.

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