Jada Curry gets love after hitting a last second shot in the first half (top). UofL celebrating with Nyla Harris and Olivia Cochran (bottom)(Mike DeZarn photos).

After 17 games the faces of all the transfers — seven of them — are becoming familiar on the University of Louisville women’s basketball team. Putting names with all those new faces is becoming fun as they continue to rack up the wins.

As the season enters the back stretch, the Cardinals are 4-0 in the Atlantic Coast Conference, 15-2 overall, and ranked 13th nationally in the Associated Press poll. That’s following a one=sided 83-62 victory over Wake Forest at the KFC Yum! Center. No one in the conference expected UofL to be in serious contention at this point. Underestimating Coach Jeff Walz can be deleterious to the careers of rival ACC coaches.

Walz has put together a team of individuals who enjoy playing together, players with good track records, players used to winning, and are getting better at the right time. Players who know the game, serious about wanting to win, with height, speed and acumen.

No evidence of any Prima Donnas demanding or getting more playing time than they deserve.  A team beloved by the crowd of 8,901 on a day when the temperatures outside were below 10 degrees Fahrenheit and five below zero with the wind chill.

UofL with six players in double figures, paced by Olivia Cochran and Jayda Curry with 12 points apiece. Sydney Taylor chipping in 11 points, Nyla Harris, Kiki Jefferson and Merrisah Russell with 10 points each.  Outscoring the Deacons 40-24 in the paint, out-rebounding them 32-26, and turning them over 19 times.

Their togetherness may well be the thing that sets this team apart from some outstanding Louisville teams in the recent past.

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Hailey Van Lith left lots of playing time. (Mike DeZarn photo).

Catching up with former Cardinal Haily Van Lith.  Not the best of times Sunday for Van Lith in LSU’s 67-62 loss at Auburn. The UofL transfer making only one of nine field goal attempts and one of two free throws for only three points in 27 minutes of playing time. 

The Tigers point guard also managing only one assist while making three turnovers.

The UofL defense licking its collective chops with Wake Forest on offense (Mike DeZarn photos).
Little Zoe has her priorities right as she begins her journey as a Cardinal fan (Mike DeZarn photo).




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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

2 thoughts on “No Prima Donnas, no problem for Louisville women”
  1. It seems Mr. Springer that you would have more to write about than to throw jabs at ex- Louisville players who have elected to enter the transfer program for whatever reason- in particular, Hailey VanLith , to be specific! She gave 3 great years to the Louisville program and I bet you wrote many articles about her, probably all very positive and supportive. But the moment she transfers, you jump on the band wagon trying to bring her down, not having any idea as to why she wanted to transfer!! As I’m sure you probably know, she is a very mature young lady, only wanting the best for her career whatever that may be for her, but it’s her choice and hers only!! How about you write an article thanking her for being such a excellent role model and leader for the Louisville program for 3 years! I too am sad because of her leaving but it’s her choice–live with it and move on!!

    1. She had more of her share of praise during her playing career here. Plus, probably had more than her share of playing time as well, something that was obvious to anyone watching the UofL women’s basketball team. It was obvious Jeff felt compelled to play her too much despite the overall effects on the team’s togetherness.

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