By Heather McDavitt

Before we get too far along, I am not a biased fan going to the camp and sugar-coating what I saw. I am a diehard fan of University of Kentucky (quit gagging, observer).  I attended the first Charlie Strong Football Camp for Women because I follow University of Louisville football as well.

What this rare fan of both the Cardinals and Wildcats wants is a good matchup, with both schools playing their best on the field but with their ultimate favorite coming out on top.

  • I was impressed with the level of organization, discipline, and team building that has developed in his brief tenure with the Cardinals. It was nicely done and I learned a lot.  Coach Strong and his staff are down to earth and genuine.
  • What I heard loud and clear at the workshop was that the Cardinals are getting ready for their first game, Sept. 4 against UK.  My friends told Coach Strong I was a “fan of the school down the street” and he was very gracious, telling me he had visited with Joker Phillips the night before and that they were friends.
  • Many of the coaches gave special presentations. The crowd favorite was the equipment manager using two seniors to demonstrate the pieces of the uniform by showing them on the body and off the body.  Not x-rated, but the strength coach got a lot of accolades for his work.
  • Several coaches’ wives participated, relating that they have developed thick skins over the years. They often hear ugly things about their spouses and players.They have had to teach their children how to handle comments at school about losses or other issues. The staff works long hours (16 hours a day seven days a week) and the wives carry a lot of responsibility in the family accordingly.
  • Four seniors were wonderful at explaining the many benefits of being Cardinals, including tutoring and the emphasis on getting their college degrees.  Asked to compare the current coaching staff with the previous one, they were very complimentary, emphasizing their pride in their increased work ethic and accomplishment of stretch goals.

A tour of the beautiful facilities, motivational posters, and football drills finished up the clinic.  What a success!  There must have been 200-300 people there and everyone was enthralled.  I love Charlie Strong even more now, even though I am primarily a UK fan.

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By Heather

3 thoughts on “Yep, Another Report From Charlie Strong Camp”
  1. My wife attended the camp as well and loved it! Only problem is now she thinks she knows more about football than I do…go figure.

  2. She told the coaches that she wanted to be a “hiker” because thats the position I played, I may be in trouble!!

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