By Charlie Springer

What kind of person buys season tickets to University of Louisville basketball games and hands them over to Kentucky fans for UofL-UK games? The question is relevant because Freedom Hall will have more than a few blue-clad partisans on Sunday. It’s inevitable.

  • The self-serving boss who wants to reward customers out in the state with the ultimate gimme, tickets to the biggest game in the state. They make most of their money in Louisville but take advantage of a rare opportunity to kiss Big Blue butts.
  • Transplanted brown nosing employees from out in the state who lay claim to the company tickets three months in advance.
  • The Benedict Arnold types, the neuter-genders who say they like both UofL and UK but pull for Kentucky when the teams face each other.
  • The spineless wimp who marries a UK fan and gives in to pleas to let the brother’s family in Burgin or Paintsville use the tickets.
  • Fans who lost bets to UK fans during the last UofL-UK football game.
  • The shameless hucksters who sell their tickets to the highest bidders.
  • Victims of clueless people born and raised in Shively, St. Matthews and parts in between who call in favors from UofL fans who owe them big time. Their parents were UK fans so it was bred into them.

You don’t have to go out of your way to be nice to UK fans in Freedom Hall. That may be asking too much. Just make up your mind that you will be courteous and civil with them. Their brains are wired a little differently that ours, and they can be a little looney.

Save your ire for the people who gave them the tickets.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

20 thoughts on “Who Gives Up Tickets To UK Fans”
  1. And we will know just who they are when those coveted seats are empty before the game ends, win or lose. Not true fans, just another game to them, something to brag about back at the office, that they were there — at least for a while.

  2. Almost as bad are the “fans” who stay for a while and then leave. At the under 4 minute timeout with the UNLV game a one point game there had to be 20 people file out past our seats. And then with another timeout at about 50 seconds remaining another half dozen left. Why do these “fans” even come? I yelled out at the latter group “Stay or sell your seats.” Two were not happy. I consider that their problem, not mine.

  3. I will give up my ticket to the UofL v. UK game this year. Mind you, not to a UK fan…but to a buddy of my husband who has gone with him every two years to the event. It’s a tradition they have, and I’m content to go to a UofL v. UK party like I’ve done for years. Bob is a great guy, it’s an event he really looks forward to each and every two years…and it’s usually his only one or two trips to Freedom Hall during basketball season to see the guys play. I’m proud to report that he has started attending the Lady Cards games over the last two years with his wife and youngest daughter.

    Bob is like a lot of people out there. Works hard every day, has a wife and family…bills…and can’t afford to pay for season tickets. He is a die-hard Cardinal fan, follows them religiously on the radio and TV.

    I know that he’ll represent, he always does, and he & Paul will show up to the party an hour or so after the contest, where he’ll hook up with his family.

    I’ve been called crazy, foolish and ridiculed by people for doing this every two years, but I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities to see Cardinal athletic events over the past years that it’s no big deal to me. And, I know the pleasure and graditude that it brings.

    I’ll be yelling just as hard at the TV as I would be in person. Go Cards!

  4. We sold our tickets to UK fans a few days ago. Charlie, you know as well as I do that most of these kids on the team could care less about the University. It’s been that way for years and it’s always a hot topic of conversation amongst some of the biggest boosters.

    That’s why Bobby P. was so popular, because he got his guys to buy into the concept of working as hard as they could.

    Why should the fans care about a basketball team that does not care?

    1. JM, that’s some heavy stuff you’re laying on us. I’m more concerned about fans in this post than I am the players. Why should U of L fans accommodate UK fans in any way, doesn’t make a lot of sense. How is that any different from players who might not care about their university?

  5. Good point, Charlie. There are plenty of UofL fans who would buy tickets. Why sell them to UK fans?

  6. I know for a fact that Pitino gave seats to UK fans for Sunday’s game. They will be sitting where recruits sit for the game. If you are at the game on Sunday, look and see if you don’t see 2 guys wearing blue!!!

  7. It is not our problem that UofL has fans that care more about what they can get for thier tickets than they do thier team.

  8. I don’t know what the “top boosters” are saying about the players and their lack of concern or care about the game, but it is hard for me to fathom that our guys can’t get excited about the biggest rivarly game of the year and one of the biggest rivarly games in the nation. I know that the players I’ve had the good fortune to meet over the years got fired up about it and wanted to win it.
    I can assure you that T-Will and Andre are fired up about it.

  9. I will be at the game, and in a UofL employees seat…. Myself and my friend will be wearing blue in a section that should be all red.

    GO CATS!

  10. LOL. If it is Joe Huber (may he rest in peace) I hope he brings Bonnie and some of those delicious biscuits with the apple butter. Do you think they’ll roll into the Circle of Idiots in the strawberry pickin’ wagon?

  11. Let’s turn the table here for a second. So if you were offered tickets to see Louisville at Rupp Arena, you and the fans would not go. What would be more rewarding than to see Louisville beat Kentucky on their own home court. Sure you might have to put up with Billy Bob but to be able to support your team is the whole purpose of attending. It is my understanding that Kentucky fans purchase Louisville season tickets just so they can go to the one game. Oh by the way I am one of those idiot’s that follows Louisville but roots for Kentucky during this game. Heck if I could pry my wife’s season tickets for this game I would be there too.

  12. John, I’ve been to Rupp to see the matchup and it is not a good place to be. I’ve turned down offers since. Just not a pleasant experience.

    As for Kentucky people buying U of L tickets to see one game, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But we’ll happily take their money.

  13. Rupp Arena can be a very dangerous place, even when the Lady Cats are playing there!

    We went last year to see the Lady Cards play them in Rupp. Previous games had been in Memorial Coliseum, but they moved it to Adolph’s house so they could get the $8 parking out of the Cardinal fans…I surmise.

    From the minute we entered the Arena, going to the lousy section tucked in the corner that they decided to put the Cardinal fans…10,000 people in a 23,000 seat arena? C’mon give us seats behind our teams bench! The smart alec kids running over to our section shouting obscenities, slurs and racial statements at our fan base. We won by 15 that night, some of us tried to move down behind the Cardinal bench nearing the game’s end and were prevented from going to empty seats by ushers AND Lexington police.
    Finally, game over…Cats vanquished and our team, coaches and staff came over to where we were sitting and cheered for us!
    1500 of us were making more noise than 8500 Cat Fans. Of course, we had a lot more to cheer about. I’ve been to Rupp Arena several times. NCAA Tournament 1st and 2nd round action. Not impressed. It’s a wonder more drunks don’t fall out of those nose bleed seat up in the rafters. Tear it down and stick the Cats in Commonweath with a dome over it. Big enough to suit the UK egos, far enough away from the action so the players don’t get scared by the toothless geeks, inbred mouth breathers and Billy Bob troglodytes. And fitting for a college that thinks it’s a modern day, relevant basketball school to play in a football arena. 74-71.

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