A fellow fan tells me his granddaughter is the flower girl in a wedding.

How nice. Except that the wedding occurs on the same day as the upcoming University of Louisville-Cincinnati football game.

Why do people do that, schedule weddings on the same day as football games? That should be a clue of the spouse’s priorities. Like the leading players never look at a calendar.

Anyone else been caught in church with an earbud listening a football game during a wedding? People checking their cell phones for scores, whispering about the game instead of the wedding, some leaving early.  

Go ahead, send out the invitations. Some day you’ll figure out why some of the guests are missing in action.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Weddings and football”
  1. 9/17/2005= my wedding day. UL football at 1pm, wedding at 5pm. Last year my loving wife “allowed” us to attend the UK/UL game on our anniversary… This year, were hitting Vegas, but for me the game will be @ 4pm pst so I can take her out on the town after… UL Football + my marriage= together forever.

  2. These people need to be forced to sit through multiple viewings of the movie Diner. Hell, one guy’s girl friend had to pass a test on the Colts or be ditched.

  3. One of my best friends got married on the same day as the UofL vs. Pitt game a few years ago. At the wedding, the number of guys sitting in the pews with ear phones was noticable. Game was at Pitt, no TV. I almost caused a scene when I muttered “Damn” during the ceremony after a “three and out” for the Cards. Good thing it was early in the ceremony and not when the father asked if anyone had any reason why this couple shouldn’t get married…

    The reception was split into two camps. Those taking part in the reception proceedings and a group of guys huddled around several tables following Paul Rogers play-by-play.

    The Cards won that day and the couple is still happily married today…with three kids and season tickets to UofL football.

  4. had to attend a wedding on the day of the UofL-Miami game in 2006. cell phone updates were all i had. thank goodness for DVR to relive the magic.

  5. I currently live in Savannah GA, but will be in Louisville on the 17th for you guessed it, a wedding. At least its not in a church, but at Mellwood Arts Center, so the constant checking of the phone won’t be considered sacrilegious.

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