And one always believed Freedom Hall had ample advertising.

The soon-to-be new home of the University of Louisville basketball, the KFC Yum Center, will be a virtual video panorama, offering patrons and fans almost limitless access to news, sports, Internet access and, yes, many more advertising opportunities.

Daktronics, a leading supplier of video scoreboards, digital displays and sound equipment, is going to have a field day:

  • Dynamic content on large LCD screens in the suites, concourse and club areas. More than 400 LCD screens will be installed and controlled through a Daktronics Internet protocol television (IPTV) platform that delivers multiple live content channels to any display in the arena.
  • Complete collection of news wires, databases and scoring devices to instantly present up-to-the-minute scores, statistics, news and information.
  • Sponsor exclusivity, enabling operators to override content on any or all displays in the arena to show a sponsor’s logo or advertisement guaranteeing venue-wide exposure for marketing partners and increased revenue opportunities.
  • A 360-degree ribbon board and two end zone ribbon displays will be fascia mounted inside the arena bowl. An additional four large LED displays will be mounted in the upper corners to provide in-game statistics, video, and advertisements.
  • Spectators will begin their immersion into the digital canvas outside the venue with a large outdoor LED video marquee display that will entertain approaching fans and inform other passers-by of upcoming events at the multi-use arena.

“Our technology will turn their entire facility into one large digital display,” says Daktronics Regional Sales Manager Will Ellerbruch. “We can deliver video, statistics and advertisements across a network of 18 large-format LED displays, 334 flat panel HD screens and 80 concession stand displays. It will be the most comprehensive digital signage system installed in the country.”

Read more about Daktronics’ plans at Digital Signage Expo

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.