What could have been is now impossible.

Samardo Samuels won’t be sticking around the University of Louisville  to develop his potential. With delusions of being a National Basketball Association draft pick, Samuels is apparently hiring an agent, according to an ESPN report.

If that’s true, he’s gone.

Sad to see a player with so much untapped potential make such a sorry decision. From statements his father had made earlier, it was obvious the old man considered the draft a foregone conclusion.

Samuels will be lucky if his name is called in the first five rounds if he is drafted at all. More than likely he will wind up playing basketball overseas. That’s obvious even to the most casual fan. The pay may be decent, the food good, and the lodgings okay but these amenities fall far short of NBA standards.

One wishes Samuels only the best, and hopes he keeps his daddy happy.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

15 thoughts on “Samuels Follows Impossible Dream”
  1. I’m still shocked that whole thing unfolded the way it did, with the coach having no idea what was going on in Samuel’s head. The same day Pitino announces he’ll be back news breaks that Samardo is entering the draft?????? Still don’t get it.

    It appeared at times that Samardo wasn’t ready to put in the work Coach P requires. I wonder if that also played a role?

  2. The timing was strange, indeed, making one wonder how much relating is going on lately. Does Samuels thinking he has a chance at the NBA mean he gives his dad more credibility than Pitino. Mind blowing.

  3. I guess it’s time for Jennings, Goode, VanTreese and Dieng to step up and take up the slack. I wish Samardo the best of the luck in his attempt to get to the next level. The varying amounts consistancy he showed during his two years here at Louisville shows me, though that he needs a lot of work to get his game there.

    I guess they can always use a 6’10” center that can’t jump in Senegal, Peru or Switzerland.

  4. I am blown away by the news and I am with David on this one. I hope life is good to Samuels – just seems like such a solid guy who could really build his talent to a greater level. Wow, the NBA holy cow… all we need now is Jim Nabors singing “Dream the Impossible Dream” while we add comments to this blog…

  5. Wish Samardo would stick around but hope he can make it in the NBA. I really hope he goes with my Lakers! This would help Pitino in future recruiting if he can get picked and be decent. Hell Samuels is 50X better than Orton!

  6. Good luck SS please dont bash him we are not UK fans. I feel good about ELISHA JUSTICE !!!

  7. Could be good..even great, for Samuels, especially if he’s drafted in the second/third round.

    This definitely is not good for UofL…not good at all. I’m not sure who will pick up the scoring, rebounds and intangibles that Samuels brought. And he always seemed to make key free-throws at critical times…something that our guards never seemed to be able to do.

    I hope the current players and recruits step up….and step up soon.

    1. I respectfully disagree on whether this is a bad thing for U of L. Samardo was fairly good at the free throw line and he was occasionally impressive around the rim. However, in a lot of games he would disappear altogether on offense and defense. Plus, he fell far short in doing the work that was required to improve his game between seasons. His absence will force Pitino to go with the more mobile Terrence Jennings and quit hoping Samardo would get better. Dieng looks impressive on videos and could be a very pleasant surprise.

    2. I assumed Charlie was joking when he said he may get drafted in the fifth round, but just so you know there are only 2 rounds in the NBA draft and a total of 60 players selected…pretty much sums it up that he won’t be drafted..

  8. I guess I’m one of the few who are not sad to see him go. I never understood why Pitino stuck with him so much when he was completely disinterested in rebounding and defense. Jennings may be lost on offense, but he at least busted his butt while playing D. Just seemed like another case of Pitino playing favorites. I love the chemistry between Siva and Jennings and can’t wait to see them on the floor together more.

    Still wish Samuels the best and I hope he is successful. His family may be in need and a career overseas could do a great deal to help out.

  9. Pitino mentioned one time that when he visited Samuels in his hometown he saw the worst poverty he had seen. Whether it is overseas or the NBA the family needs the money. That being said, I personally will not miss his inability to finish. Never saw a player his size miss so many point blank shots.

  10. Wow, rough off-season for us Cardinal basketball fans. If Samuels needs the money that badly, I can’t blame him. However, you take out being a Cardinal fan…he needs to develp so much more and I think should have used his Junior season to do it. What does 1 more year do if you don’t have money? Not alot in my opinion, but we’re not in Samardo’s shoes. From the outside, I think he’s making a mistake, but I don’t know his situation. Can’t judge and I personally think UL will be fine without him. Would rather have him, but TJ & Dieng will get the job done. GL to Samardo…he helped UL to the Elite 8 his Freshman year and if he wasn’t here, they wouldn’t have made the dance in 2010. Good luck & I’ll be sure to keep up with you playing overseas.

  11. Good luck to samardo samuels,,for 2 good years he gave us of basketball this year we wouldn’t even make to ncaa without him,,,,if he work hard in nba he can succeed, there is a lot of guys his size that succeeded on next level,,,we don’t know his situation ,,his family or whoever is in need of money,,,our team this year depended on samuels too much,,he was one of better low post players in country if we had better team he would of be much better,,but 15pts and 7 rbs,,is nothing to be ashamed of,,,,nba game is more 1 on 1 ,,when collage game is more of double teams and triple teams,,remember when samardo exploded against notre dame,,,,good luck to samardo in nba or where ever he ends up,,he was good young man never been in trouble, I know some fans are mad but respect his decision and his situation,,he is who he is,,and 1 more year of collage wouldn’t help him that much,,,get ready for gorgui dieng he is amazing if u didn’t watch him you will be surprised,,,go cards

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