First game for Jeff Brohm as the head football coach at the University of Louisville. His debut accompanied by tons of hype, the second coming of UofL football. Things are going to be different from here on out, the days of hum drum, patty-caking in the past, happy days are here again. Or so we thought.

Brohm would get his first win at the helm with Louisville but only after overcoming a 15-point gap after the first half. Leaving many wiping their collective brow after a 39-35 escape against Georgia Tech.

Many of the Cardinals apparently buying into the hype, forgetting the first rule of any football game. You know, the one of having a decent respect for the opponent. Georgia Tech, for some reason or other, is considered a Patsy. All the Cardinals had to do was show up, ushering in a new era of smash mouth football and high scoring offense. Let the juggernauting begin.

Or so they thought until the unimaginable jars them from their overconfidence.

A rude awakening in that second quarter, the Yellow Jackets overcoming a 6-0 deficit with unbelievable 28 points. The home team in Atlanta having its way, scoring in every way possible. Slicing through the Cardinals’ defense like it was melted butter, every rush a breakthrough, every pass a sure thing. Easy peasy, not a good look, more like a bad omen for the new regime.

“We challenged our guys at halftime to play much harder, play much tougher, figure out a way to grind this thing out,” said Brohm. “It took everything to win so we’ve got a long way to go, but like I told them, every college football game is going to be like that, and if you’re not ready for that, you might as well not show up for the game.”

Easier said than done, but UofL would surprise its disappointed fans and premature doubters with 26 points in the second half to thwart a Georgia Tech team that looked like it was on its way to a rout.

Quarterback Jack Plummer leading the way after a lackluster first half, looking more like a nervous freshman than a seasoned five-year player. He would make up for it in the second half, winding up 18 of 31 passing attempts with 247 yards through the air and three touchdowns. Wide receiver Jamari Thrash coming through for his teammates with seven receptions for 88 yards and two touchdowns.

With the Yellow Jackets just outside the red zone and Louisville clinging to a one-point lead with just under four minutes remaining, Dezmond Tell knocked the ball loose into the arms of Kameron Wilson for the Cardinals’ second turnover on the night. That would set the stage for Jawhar Jordan’s 74-yard touchdown run, UofL football was back and in charge.

Not to be overlooked is kicker Brock Travelstead, a freshman from Acworth, Georgia. He  had four field goals and 12 points. Going to be a good one.

Happy ending but a nerve racker for Jeff Brohm.



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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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