Anyone shocked that John Calipari would claim 500 wins even though the NCAA ordered 42 of those w’s stricken from the record?

Anyone surprised that the University of Kentucky would honor him 42 games early?

Made for each other, UK and Calipari. The school actually honoring Calipari for 500 wins, celebrating as if the NCAA had never ordered all those wins and two final fours stricken from his days at UMass and Memphis.  Who cares about vacated wins?


Means a great deal to the NCAA, very troubling, extremely troubling, in fact, to the Committee on Infractions, which sent the school a letter asking UK officials to publicly acknowledge that it was wrong to prematurely honor Calipari for 500 wins. Kentucky has been asked to respond no later than Friday and any public statement must be approved in advance by the Committee on Infractions.

Calipari and Kentucky have resorted to the familiar refrain about being singled out by the NCAA again. for another action Wildcat partisans consider minor. Not surprising either that UK officials thought the number 500 was important enough to make it a big deal whether the numbers were accurate or not.

What’s really surprising that Courier-Journal columnist Eric Crawford would downplay the incident, calling the NCAA silly for calling UK’s hand.  Eric makes some good points about a Final Four banner still hanging at UMass and Marcus Camby being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

C. D. Kaplan, over at Score, apparently believes someone is making a mountain out of a molehill. And it might be if it weren’t UK, which makes a habit out of taunting the governing body.

Composing an actual admission of guilt is going to be a tough proposition for UK officials who rarely get past the denial stage in confrontations with the NCAA.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

3 thoughts on “UK has to fess up about honoring Calipari way too soon”
  1. That UK confession should really be good. They are about to eat some major crow. Most deserving.

  2. It really was pathetic for Crawford to stand up for UK as if they were right in honoring a man for 500 wins when he only had 458.

    He either has 500 wins on the book or he doesn’t.

    UK was either right or wrong in this.

    There really isn’t the gray area Crawford is trying to create.

    Pretty subjective journalism, imo.

  3. You can be sure that NCAA bloodhounds are sniffing for a whole lot more than that over there. Wait til they hit the mother lode.

    Also, could the Board of Regents have decided to change Presidents due to a conflict of opinion about top management in the Athletic Department? Stay tuned…..

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