They’re planning a rally for Bozo in Arkansas.

Bozo, of course, is Bobby Petrino, the former Louisville football coach who won a BCS Orange Bowl in 2007 and left the next day for the Atlanta Falcons where he coached a few months before departing for Arkansas.

The same one who apparently hired a female friend on his staff, took her bike riding on a moped, had an embarrassing accident, planned an escape route for her and himself, forgot to mention it, and then got caught in another big lie.

Petrino isn’t very good at lying or loyalty. He seems to get caught every time. He’s currently on indefinite suspension.

Despite the shameful circumstance of his latest bumble, a number of Arkansas football fans are planning a rally on Petrino’s behalf Monday at 7 p.m. in front on the university’s administration building.

“What Bobby Petrino did isn’t right, but in the four years he’s been here, he’s brought so much respect to our team,” one fan told a Fayetteville TV station. “We were circling Vanderbilt territory with Coach Houston Nutt in charge.”

Showing up in public to defend the man seems a bit premature and foolish, with the very real possibility tainting the fan base in the process. The man deserves to live with the shame for a while.

No word on whether his supporters will be wearing paper sacks over their heads. Seems like proper attire.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “Supporters jockey on behalf of Petrino”
  1. As if we ever needed further proof that our god is sports, money and success at all costs, this Petrino fiasco is yet another reminder. UofA will throw integrity and decency under the proverbial bus, and will keep this lying waste of humanity.

    1. You speak of “Integrity” and (my favorite) “Decency” yet Pitino was guilty of those EXACT definitions at Louisville. Arkansas handled the situation the very well IMO. No one should look down on them. Espically a Louisville Cardninal fan who uses “decency” and “integrity” was a reason to fire a coach.

      No doubt, Pitino (once caught) handled the situation 1000x better than Petrino. Pitino didn’t lie to his AD & Pitino never hired his mistress (secretly) while paying her with state funds. What Petrino did was not only shallow (morally) it was EXTREMLY unethical business wise. He set up an extreme finanical risk for his employer. Pitino did NOTHING compared to that.

      But, don’t bring “integrity” & “decency” into the conversation. That’s like a Kentucky Fan claiming another coach is “slimy” or as a cheater. We’ve ALL got skeletons in our closets, and YOU HAVE A VALID ARGUMENT…. I would urge you to use different semantics to defend it.

  2. In true Petrino fashion, the supporters should enthusiastically repeat that they’ll be there and then
    pull a ‘quicky’ at the last moment and go to another university instead and proclaim alliance.

    Step away, Bobby. It’s the right thing to do.

  3. Watch him commit to be at the rally then we’ll hear him being announced as the head coach of some FCS school in Montana somewhere later this evening.

    Stay tuned to Sportcenter and Flighttracker…

  4. I’m being picky but it wasn’t a moped. It was a Harley. But either way he is the same jerk he always was.

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