By Paul Sykes

It is late in the game against Cal State Fullerton and Sean Moth is recapping the action for fans that might have just tuned in. Not a pleasurable or easy thing to do, since the Cards are down 11-2 and on the verge of elimination of the NCAA Tournament. Still, Moth gives a dutiful and accurate review of the previous action, keeping to the statistics and avoiding any personal commentary.

Sean Moth
Sean Moth from his perch at Jim Patterson Stadium.

Not that many fans are listening, since the game is on national television and the Cards are way down early. Also, the low watt radio station isn’t easy to pick up in most areas of the Louisville area. Despite the blowout and hopelessness of the situation, Moth handles the duties with skill and professionalism.

This is Sean Moth. Talk about a multitude of hats to wear! Not only is he the public address announcer for football, men and women’s basketball, he does the announcing for soccer, volleyball and is sports information director for baseball and soccer. All this from a guy who was doing Colorado Avalanche hockey and Denver Nuggets basketball eight years ago. What prompted the move from the mile high city to Derby town?

Simple. We all know that Tom Jurich gets who and what he wants. Having met when both were at Colorado State, Jurich was well familiar with the professional delivery and photographic knowledge Moth possessed when it came to sports. With the death of long time Cardinal public address announcer John Tong, and a request from backup P.A. man, the late Jack Tennant, for less responsibility, Jurich knew he needed someone that could evoke a little emotion from the fans while giving a clear and concise account of the action on the turf and hardwood.

Moth was the clear choice, and his trademark lines of “that’s good for another CARDS-FIRST-DOWN” chant and the long extended “threeeeeeee” after a long-range shot hitting the mark have become Cardinal favorites over the years.

Now that baseball has ended, Moth gets a brief announcing break for the summer. A chance to do a little fly-fishing and maybe a trip or two to Churchill to watch some racing. A rest well deserved for the University of Louisville’s most audible guy. The tag, “Voice of the Cards” will always belong to Paul Rogers…but for Sean the title “Man on the Mike” seems to fit just fine.

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By Paul Sykes

Paul Sykes owns Paul Sykes Advertising and does contract work for other advertising and publishing firms. The proud husband of Sonja, he has a fascination with bears, bars and Cardinal sports. He's also the moderator of

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  1. Nice article. Reading it jogged my memory back to Jack Tennant and the way he would always have a coin, candy or something for Rachel and I when we would run across him when with you. We would always look for him, sitting at the end of the tables, by the opponent’s bench, during basketball games…and make you take us down there after the game to say “hi”. He was never too busy to give us a hug and one of those delicious white Life Savers!

    Reading your article, I’m betting that Sean Moth is about the same way with the youngsters.

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