The regular season of college football should be over by now for the University of Louisville but this challenging season is being extended with what almost amounts to an after-thought against Rutgers on Thursday. Or as some fans might view it, still another dagger into a corpse of a season.

One good thing about the late date of the game is that U of L gets a few more practice sessions – not as many as bowl-bound teams will, but every practice counts for a program in the process of reestablishing its competitive self.

Not much news coming from the Schnellenberger Football Complex in recent days, not even the predictable “sending the seniors out of a winning note,” probably because that’s what was said prior to the West Virginia debacle.

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Rutgers is doing its part to enhance the image of Louisville football, conjuring up images of a powerful foe coming to town. Senior defensive end Jamaal Westerman appears to have convinced himself that the Cards are a viable threat:

“You think about it a little bit, but the biggest thing is this is a one-game season for us and that’s what’s been working for Rutgers and for us this year. So we’re really trying to focus on this as one individual game and not really think past it or what came before it.”

Louisville (5-6, 1-5) comes into Piscataway riding a four-game losing streak and needing a victory to become bowl eligible.

“If you look past Louisville, they will beat you,” Westerman said. “They will come in here and they will beat you.”

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The best advice for Westerman and his Rugers’ teammates would be to remember how much better the Scarlet Knights have played than Louisville this season. You’ve watched the Cards on TV, reviewed the game films, read the scouting reports, seen the extensive injury list. Your biggest concern is where and when you will next play in a post-season bowl. If ever there was a game in which you could afford to be overconfident, this is that game.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Rutgers Wants Fans To Believe Louisville A Threat”
  1. I’ll be there and it will be cold. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. Can’t help it, just a staunch UofL fan. If there’s anything predictable about football, it is that it is unpredictable.

  2. Charlie, reverse psychology is not going to work this game.We are too beleaguered with all the physical and psychological injuries to be much of a threat on Thursday.

  3. You have to look at this game as the final do-or-die, crunch time scenario in a season of underacheiving UofL football. A chance to reach .500. A chance to keep flickering bowl hopes alive. A positive note to end this ponderous song the football Cards have been singing this year, and a step toward the Jurich/Kragthorpe rebuiding plan.

    Yet, it is Rutgers, holders of a five game winning streak, playing on their turf on a Thursday night in front of a national audience. Overlooking UofL? Not likely.

    For the Cards, I hope and wish for a season ending win. A chance to continue practicing, rebuilding and a bowl apperance. But, at the same time, I’ll have an ear focused toward the Lady Cards basketball game in Murfreesboro against the dangers MTSU Lady Blue Raiders. Here’s to a win for both teams in action Thursday night.

  4. Uhhh … nice job trying to play possum. Frankly, as a long-time Rutgers fan, I believe the Scarlet Knights shouldn’t take any opponent for granted.

  5. Oh, there’s no possum playing here – we know what we’ve got this year……Rutgers should be pretty confident going into the game. We can and do, however, pray for a miracle for the Cardinals……(congratuations on a good strong finish to your season…..I must admit we’d love to spoil your party….) ,o)

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