We’ll get around to basketball, and what may be a milestone season. It’s not that time quite yet. Too much unfinished business with University of Louisville football.

— Where is Trent Guy these days, the most potent offensive threat behind Victor Anderson? Apparently he cracked a rib during the Pittsburgh loss. But that information has been buried beneath the discussion over the coaching situation.

— Why was Matt Simms or any other backup not given any snaps while Hunter Cantwell was struggling with his accuracy during the West Virginia game? Watching Cantwell keep being sent back into the game in the fourth quarter was agonizing, knowing nothing productive was going to occur. But still there was Matt Simms clapping, jumping up and down on the sideline, wanting something to happen.

See Sonja’s report on
Lady Cards’ win over Xavier

— Much has been made of Tom Jurich’s comments about fans during the hubbub over the coaching issue. Tom may be a genius but he is lacking in some basic public relations skills. While teams are winning, the Vice President of Athletics can say just about anything he wants and get away with it. But when the losses are piling up, it’s a different story. Yeah, there are more than a few dense ones in the fan base. But you don’t call them out and expect them to admit it. Nor do you risk offending more responsible fans who may think you’re including them with the bad apples.

— The first sign that a fan may be missing a few marbles is when he or she fails to recognize all that Tom Jurich has made possible at the University of Louisville over the past decade. But when a fan suggests that Jurich leave because of the football situation, that should mark the end of the conversation. Not about to start listing all of the achievements UofL has made with Jurich at the helm, far too many of them. Jurich is the person U of L needs to dig its way back out of the football crater.

— When huge segments of a fan base don’t show up because things are not going well or because it’s cold, raining or a game is played on a week night, the fan base has not quite arrived. Tom Jurich is the best chance of making that possible at the University of Louisville.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “Football Pokes And Ponderings”
  1. I agree with you Charlie and I emailed TJ the other day to remind him that there are thousands of U of L fans who believe in HIM and what he has done at the university. Although he knows without anyone telling him, many of us diehards are heartbroken about the demise of our football program. Having said that, we MUST rally around our AD – he is the man and has done an awesome job at U of L. Anyone who wants TJ gone because our football program is faltering does NOT have the mentality to know how silly that sounds and is notconcerned with the best interest of U of L.

  2. Just a quick note to those who have e-mailed, or wondered why they can’t find all my basketball posts under “Lady Cards Basketball” These posts can also be found under “Sonja” on the right side of the home screen where posts by poster are listed.
    Or, I’m always glad to e-mail you a copy of it. Charlie is constantly working and finding new way to improve and update the site (the hardest working blog owner in show biz!) and I’m sure you’ll eventually be able to find all the Lady Cards exploits on the court under the Lady Cards Basketball heading. We’re a Basketball school, right? .

    A special “Hi!” to Asia Taylor, who expected
    to make the trip yesterday to Cincy and watch the Lady Cards play Xavier. Asia or “Tigger”…uding her new nickname is a very special young women with some great insights into the game of basketball and her excitement about getting down here to be a Lady Card reminds me of how excited T-Will was prior to his freshman year here. Folks, she’s got T-Will potential, and we’ll keep track of her senior season at Columbus Whetstone from the e-mails she sends me. Any of you other incoming freshmen that want to do the same, just shoot me an e-mail at officebulldog925@aol.com

    Finally, thanks to Frankpos over at Hell in the Hall, who has given me a brainstorm for a pre-Thanksgiving poem about “The Good Ship Kragthorpe”. If Charlie will post it, I’ll put it here in a couple of days, when it’s finished. If not…I’ll toss it to Hell in the Hall or Cardinalsports.com…knowing full well Howie or Jack Coffee might pull the trigger on it and send it hurling to hyperspace wasteland. I actually had someone tell me that I should abandon the Rivals site and hook up with the ITV guys as a poster. It’s hard to bring a fan base with you, though..when you do that, so I’ll stick with the fellas down on Floyd Street for now as my backup. My home, of course, is here with Charlie and the deck of cards we shuffle around daily.

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