The new T-shirt Rick Pitino was wearing during his appearance at the Cardinal Caravan more than sums up the way he feels about his job at the University of Louisville, but he took it a step further.

“This university is the best place I’ve worked at in more than 30 years of coaching,” he said. “That’s not a slight at Kentucky, Providence or Syracuse or anywhere else. The people we work with are quality individuals, whether it is in marketing, ticket sales, whatever. Coaches in the different programs at U of L are among the finest I ever been been associated with. Tom Jurich is the best athletic director in the business times 10.

“Kenny Klein, the sport information director, has never thought about working anywhere else. Just give him a little bourbon and a modest salary and he’s happy.”

Louisville First, then, is much more than just another slogan for Rick Pitino. And it has rubbed off on his players if last season’s overachieving team is any measure of acceptance.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

7 thoughts on “Pitino unveils new Louisville swag”
  1. Funny, Louisville is not first in anything…hahahaha…once a little brother, always a little brother. GO CATS!!

  2. Cat fans crack me up calling the Ville little brother all the time.Excuse me but any program worth $25 million(according to Forbes magazine)and third only behind Klantucky and UNC is hardly a little brother.

  3. It should read Manwhore first. Guy is a low life scum, who while tries to hide his selfishness by whitty speeches and slogans, he is still scanking it up while out recruiting. What a great guy, brother in law dies … Washed up, has been, now more punch line than beloved coach. Will retire without a home, cause most UL fans hate him, New Yorkand Boston fans hate him, UK fans hate him. [poor Dennis]

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