A rested University of Louisville basketball team will play California in the first round of the NCAA’s South Regional at Jacksonville on Friday.

Rested is the key word. Rick Pitino has a habit of running his teams to the point of emotional and physical exhaustion, no matter the point in the season. Any conceivable benefits of the Big East Tournament would have been offset by wear and tear.

After making an early exit from the tournament, PItino’s squad has had a few days to cool its heels. He will have all week to get his team jacked up, motivated to play name teams, California in the first game, Duke, if both teams win, in the second game.

Throw a no-name at these guys, they don’t get excited, they lose. Even with the master motivator pulling out all stops. They will be motivated for California even if they know nothing about the basketball team.

Duke and Pitino, there’s a history. So yes …

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Louisville Will Be Rested And Motivated”
  1. Congratulations to the Cards, the Racers, and yes, the Cats. Represent our Commonwealth proudly. Let’s go get ’em, guys!


  2. I’m less thrilled about the commonwealth than I am about Louisville making it back to the tournament. This team has played to the level of the competition all season long, playing its best against the better teams. Shouldn’t be a problem getting up for California. And remember that four-hour time lapse for the Californians down in Jacksonville. It sure got to Stanford a couple of years ago.

  3. Louisville and Duke would be great! That would be an outstanding match- I hope that happens… Keep motivated Cards!

  4. Let’s get fired up CARDS….SamSam, please get your head into the game and Edgar, PLEASE don’t hog the ball but another 28 points would be nice. I know we don’t like late games but at least we won’t have a long trip to get there. Lori, you are right- a Duke and Louisville matchup would be fantastic. Beat CAL CARDS!!!!!

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