By Paul Sykes

You can have the best quarterback in the conference but if there’s no one  to throw to, your passing game will suffer — as it did during Hunter Cantwell’s frustrating senior year in the spotlight.  With a little luck, whoever wins the University of Louisville football’s QB battle will have some decent options.

Doug Beaumont, the sophomore receiver from Male who dazzled with his catches and moves, returns as one of the major threats in the slot. Beaumont had 62 receptions and 750 yards in 2008. Beaumont performed admirably in the absence of an injury-plagued receiving unit but he failed to make it into the end zone. He’s too good a player to have that happen much longer.

Scott Long was U of L’s No. 1 receiver going into last season.   If Long has fully recovered from some serious injuries, he will be a clutch, go-to receiver. The senior was on the field in only three games but pulled in 11 catches while scoring two touchdowns.

Trent Guy
Trent Guy

How well Trent Guy will do after recovering from injuries on the heels of his recuperation from gunshot wounds is another huge factor. The senior missed five games last year, but has shown the speed and skills to make defenses second-guess themselves. He’s the heart and soul of this team.

Troy Pascley came on late in the year for 12 receptioand 252 yards, reaching the end zone four times. He has the speed and the moves … all he has to do is catch the ball.

If the Cards want to go tall, sophomore Josh Chichester, at 6-foot-8, is the ideal target. The big guy from Ohio had 30 grabs for 341 yards and four touchdowns.

Damien Dixon and Andrew Robinson are waiting in the wings for duty if the injury bug returns. Robinson has world-class speed and good hands but had only seven handles in 2008.

Tight end appears to be well fortified.  Senior Pete Noctha, out of Lexington Tates Creek caught nine throws and tallied two touchdowns despite only playing six games. Former defensive standout Johnny Burns looked in 18 tosses and one touchdown. Nate Nord and Mike Fennerty could compete for time as well.

With depth at all receiving positions, the Cards will have the potential to be dangerous. But they must avoid the injury bug and have a quarterback who can deliver if they are to enjoy a productive season.

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By Paul Sykes

Paul Sykes owns Paul Sykes Advertising and does contract work for other advertising and publishing firms. The proud husband of Sonja, he has a fascination with bears, bars and Cardinal sports. He's also the moderator of

7 thoughts on “Louisville Receivers Need Someone Who Can Deliver”
  1. A lot of problem with our receivers last season was that few of them had much experience. It was the greenest group in the history of U of L football. With more experience under their belts, they should fare better this year.

  2. Scott Long has to be as close to %100 as possible for the receiving corps to be a real threat. I love Doug Beaumont but he at this stage he is still a slot or #2 receiver, not a #1. Chichester with time can be amazing, but his hands are still questionable. With a healthy Scott Long, and Trent Guy, you would have to think UofL will be one of the stronger teams in the conference at receiver. Lord knows we could you Trent to return kicks, because Beaumont was horrendous as was Bilal.

    Paul any news on the kicking game? We all know I have been down on this team, and if the kicking game remains non existent then I feel a team of this caliber struggles mightily again.

  3. I plan on doing a little something on special teams later in the month if I can determine whether we have any of not.

    Kicking, though, in a word is still the same sorry mess as it was last year unless we have luck in the walk on category. Goettsche will mishandle punts and Ryan Payne and Chris Philpott will cause us all to hold or breath and sweat bullets when he go for a P.A.T or field goal.

    Bell, Wilmsmeyer, Akers, Hilbert, Carmody all spoiled us over the last 20 years by being exceptionale and accurate. We have returned to less than average. Either of the Cullen brothers at Butler could have started here and wanted to come here but Krags or Petrino wouldn’t even consider them. Good strong legs and excellent young men academically. You’d think that they could have been worth a couple of scholarships. But, I don’t claim to be a coach. I just think like one on-line. A very scary thought really.

  4. Well that sucks to hear, I guess its another year of going for it on 4th and long, and attempting to kick a 42 yarder on 4th and short. Oh wait that is a coaching decision. Regardless with a horrendous Special teams, that just brings this team down even more.

  5. Good report on the wideouts. It was getting to the point last year where I wondered if we’d have enough to finish the season.

  6. I just hope chichester can hold on to some of deep balls. He dropped more td passes than any receiver in memory. The talent is there but will our qb situation be better than last year????

  7. I totally agree on Chichester. We would have won at least two more games if had held on to balls thrown right in his arms.

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