Not too many seasons ago, the yardage and touchdowns came so easy.

The kind of things Cincinnati was doing late. After finally wearing down Louisville’s defense.

One of the U of L best defensive units we’ve seen in a couple of decades. But the defense can’t keep it up forever, not without a hint of anything positive from their buddies on offense.

The final blow those four consecutive penalties at precisely the wrong time.

The light switch still is on dim, the offense failing to score a touchdown over the last 10 quarters.

Clueless, anemic and inept, seemingly lacking leadership, imagination and desire.

No acorns to be found.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “Louisville’s offense in reverse gear”
  1. Couple of comments on football, presuming that the average fan gives a hoot about it anymore… 1–What kind of halftime snooze-talk is Strong pouring out? He could do better with a couple of Led Zeppelin numbers. Played backwards. Shades of Joe B. Hall… 2–Teams can be taught how to not get penalties (stupid penalties, especially.) 3–When you play better on the road (sort of) than at home, why don’t you look for the reason? Should the team be sequestered at home, as when traveling, to focus on the upcoming game instead of whatever they are doing when at home? 4–The Observer called for optimism recently. Both expectation and optimism require require some sort of factual basis, if only momentary. Perhaps it is time instead for outright wishing on a star… Oh well, Siva has learned how to make his teammates better, and I’m EXPECTING great things this year. Go Cards!

    1. Nobody was expecting this season to be a picnic, gentlejohn. This defensive team has been pretty special thus far. Just hoping the guys on that side of the ball don’t lose focus. If not, they will really be exceptional down the road. Offense is dismal.

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