ulcardinalheadlogo2thumb1 If Memphis ever does get in the Big East, the Tigers will be a force. They are in the heart of a fertile recruiting area. Wouldn’t be difficult for them to step it up a notch, ala basketball where they manage their resources well.

ulcardinalheadlogo2thumb1 Don’t doubt that Louisville didn’t deserve to win with all the bad luck and bad calls that have gone against the Cards the last two seasons. Thankful for an evening up of the law of averages. Otherwise, it would have been another long week.

ulcardinalheadlogo2thumb1 Not pretty watching U of L’s ninth-ranked defense get shredded by Memphis, giving up 27 first downs and 351 yards passing. The difference between this year and last year is they know what to do, just don’t, can’t, get it done too often.

ulcardinalheadlogo2thumb1 Rodney Gnat, with five pass deflections, played the game of his career. It was good to see him recover so quickly after being overcome with intensity late in the fourth quarter.

ulcardinalheadlogo2thumb1 Trent Guy scored on two on his three touches – 95 yards on kickoff return and 43 yards on a pass – ran once for 26 yards. One would think he earned a few more touches.

ulcardinalheadlogo2thumb1 Anyone want to revisit their pre-season vote for Bilal Powell to be the most productive running back? Powell had one carry for zero yards.

ulcardinalheadlogo2thumb1 Give the offensive line a little more seasoning and Victor Anderson will be a Heisman Trophy candidate in his junior year.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “Louisville Escapes Memphis, 35-28”
  1. Escape is right! Unsatisfying. But it’s a win. Yea special teams! YEA GUY! But seriously will we ever kick a field goal? Hall seemed like a class act, interacting with the cards after the game.

  2. Damn shame…

    That was Ryan Payne’s first field goal attempt in ANY football game

    and it’s potentially for the game…. jesus.

    In the only start of his football life, he had looked good on kickoffs and extra pts right up to that.

    The guy’s a walk-on…from Calif ! Has played football less than 2 yrs—never in high school, only for us.

    I like his heart….the kid can do it…stick with him (what have we got to lose?)

  3. Actually this is a different linda. Maybe I should be linda2 or something. We do both tend to post on the same sites. So hopefully the other linda isn’t ill or anything.

  4. Hey Charlie and “Linda 2” – this is “Linda 1”. Tom and I have been in Tuscany the last couple of weeks or so and that’s why I haven’t been leaving comments. Makes me feel special to know I was missed – a little bit anyway. So proud of our Cardinals beating Memphis. (It wasn’t pretty but we’ll take it) They played well against UConn and should have won that game too. I have serious doubts if we can beat Middle Tennessee – as always I will try to stay positive but it’s going to be a tough game. Go Cards – we love you win or lose……

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