Isaac Guerendo spikes the old football after sealing a University of Louisville win over Virginia with a 73-yard touchdown run (Mike DeZarn photos).

Pretty hard for the University of Louisville football team and its fans to get excited about playing a Virginia team which had won only two of seven games coming into L&N Cardinal Stadium over the weekend. Virginia looking for a breakthrough, Louisville needing a breather. Neither was going to happen, not in this memorable encounter.

Virginia was not your typical 2-5 football team, all of its five losses coming by less than four points per game. They would give the Cardinals all they could handle for three quarters. UofL managing a 14-0 lead at the half, but giving up three touchdowns and trailing 21-14 going into the final 15 minutes.

Unless the Cardinals could get going, a magical season was going to go sideways, dashing UofL’s hopes for a chance to compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference championship. Things were looking more than a little bleak. Virginia was refusing to be the fall guy, refusing to roll over.

But then came that unforgettable pass play, that marvelous throw from quarterback Jack Plummer. The football sailing through the air, sailing and sailing, for 52 yards into the waiting hands of wide receiver Ahmari Bruce-Huggins. One of those moments that will linger forever for UofL football fans, that spiraling football, that marvelous moment. UofL has awakened, UofL is has tied the game at 24-24. Cracking the door open for more magic.

The Louisville defense will stop the Cavaliers on their next drive, thank you. UofL will get the winning touchdown on still another marvelous moment with the offensive live opening a hole for running back Isaac Guerrendo to go for a 73-yard touchdown. The defense rising to the challenge again, denying Virginia any further opportunities at an upset.

Virginia was more impressive offensively, with more than 434 yards compared to 424 for the Cardinals. The Cavaliers had 314 yards passing, the Cardinals only 243 yards. But the final score was UofL  31-24 and those are the only stats that really count.

Nothing better than a Thurday night football game in the Ville (Mike DeZarn photo).
Throwing up those L’s never gets old, especially with all the success in football this season (Mike DeZarn photo).



Some folks were having more than their fair share of fun, especially after UofL grabbed the lead for good (Mike DeZarn photo).



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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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