Nothing like a sleazy sex scandal to tarnish a good name, create gossip, generate headlines across America and expose ignorance on every radio talk show in Louisville and throughout the state.

Andre McGee’s mistake was ever having anything to do with Katina Powell, a sick individual and known prostitute, who was using her three daughters, including a 15-year-old, in the business. The fact that he ever associated with her could reveal something Andre and it’s not positive.pantaloons

Bad judgement, McGee’s relationship with her reflecting badly on him, the University of Louisville and the basketball program.

She brags about using the daughters in the business. “They enjoy themselves, they meet new people. … For those who have a problem with it, kiss my ass.” she says in the vanity book.

For free, apparently.

As if anyone in his right mind would want to get close to her — a hooker with so little scruples or business sense that she would publish the names of her alleged clients. The worst kind of ratish behavior, betraying not her clients but her profession.

Judging from photos of Powell that are being circulated, the woman is not attractive. Bewildering that she could conceivably have had any allure for young athletes, especially with the following of UofL basketball players.

The gut feeling here is that this affair will wind up hurting her badly in the long run, especially if local law enforcement follows up on her admission of running a prostitution operation and using at least one underaged child. A little prison time would be the proper remedy.

There also could be lawsuits filed against her by individuals named in the book. Not that she’s or her publisher are going to make any money from a poorly-documented vanity book. The last place a serious writer wants his book to appear is in the e-book section of

And it’s doubtful whether she or the writer is going to earn anything for guest appearances on national TV shows. The story is just too seedy to merit prolonged attention by anyone other than UofL and the NCAA.

Getting involved with her in any way was unfortunate, inevitably bringing anyone who associated with Katina Powell down to her level.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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