The University of Kentucky is going to win its ninth NCAA basketball tournament title. It’s inevitable.

Pains me to say that, or to see it happen. I don’t plan to watch the game, knowing how easy it was for the University of Louisville to dispose of UConn in three games this past season. The last thing I want to see is UK claiming another title.

Surprising that Billy Donovan, one of Rick Pitino’s closest friends, didn’t learn the lessons after seeing how dominant UofL was in those games. Donovan still has a few lessons to learn from his mentor. Or is it possible that UConn is on one of the same kind of tournament runs as Kentucky is enjoying? Not likely.

UK’s run shouldn’t be all that surprising, not when a team consisting of first round NBA draft picks finally began to gel after 35 games. They’re in the national spotlight, their egos are being stroked, they’re highly motivated, and they’re playing with high levels of adrenaline. When Monday night’s game is over, they will have played together in 40 games.

So how do we deal with UK associates after they claim still another championship?

The same way we always have, recognize how maniacal they are about UK. They’re going to wave their flags, wear their caps and T-shirts. and talk about basketball year round. It enables them to forget about their irrelevance in football, gives them a claim to fame.

If it’s possible for you, congratulate them and change the subject as soon as possible. They’re defensive about their UK allegiance, love to argue about it, and put down other schools. They will never recognize or respect your team, it’s not in their nature.

Meanwhile, pull for the University of Louisville to win a fourth national championship in the near future. UK fans are still reeling from UofL’s success last season. They want to “keep it in the state” but that doesn’t include Louisville. Another UofL championship is their worst fear.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

31 thoughts on “How UofL fans can cope after Kentucky wins another NCAA”
  1. Avoid them, don’t go near them, and don’t socialize with them unless you can’t absolutely avoid them. A Kentucky fan who works and lives in Louisville is not your friend if you’re a UofL fan.

  2. Don’t give it to them yet, UConn is playing pretty damn good. With 2 great experienced Guards, they have a shot. They beat Florida twice, so there is hope !

  3. Don’t you want to keep it in the state?

    Cards fans are so hypocritical. Shame on you, sir. Shame. on. you.

  4. I don’t go for that “keep it in the state” stuff myself. Not while that’s the fan base we’re talking about. One of the absolute worst. WVU fans have nothing on the fan base down I-64. So….GO UCONN!!

  5. Charlie:
    Which is worse, watching Kentucky win another championship, or knowing that your team has lost six of the seven times they have played Kentucky since Cal arrived in Lexington?

  6. It’s the lesser of two evils Monday night. UConn has tormented Louisville WBB. Lately, so has UK. I figure I have more KY fans than Connecticut acquaintances…so here’s a half-hearted, mumbled, barely audible “Go Big Blue”. I hope it’s the first of two UConn losses back-to-back on consecutive nights.

    1. If U Conn does win, I will not be among those who point out how we beat them three times this year; that did not work with me when Virgina played that card after our Championship, I won’t look to enhance us status by association as the Cavaliers did back then, you win it, you deserve it.

  7. Just be patient. Kentucky’s entire athletic program’s success is centered around Calipari. He will eventually leave and take his recruiting pipeline with him. When you sell your soul, the fall from the top is normally catastrophic.

  8. You are just jealous. Love UK and sure hope they win. Why be jealous of a school in your own State. We were happy when U of L won. Have some class and be happy when UK wins.

    1. If you were happy when U of L won, then weren’t you in the minority among UK fans? It seemed that way to this Big Blue outsider.

  9. Why, do UofL fans take pleasure in putting down UK BB program and the fans? I’m sure it pains you that Calipari has Petino 5 out of 6 games. UK basketball will always be a winner. We may not have a good football team, but hoping that changes in the near future with the new coach and recruits. At least Stoops is a man of character. UL seems to be all about winning no matter what. Put on your “big boy pants” and enjoy the rivalry, or you can roll around in self pity or better yet, cry in your beer.

    1. VERY impressive run by both teams to the championship!

      No crying tonight in my beer…..I prefer Maker’s 46! (Love that RED “wax”!)

  10. UK will always be a winner as long as Calipari is there. Once he leaves (and he will soon) then UK puts its faith back into the hands of Barnhart.

    Interesting that you praise Stoops as a man of character just one sentence after mentioning Calipari.

    I guess integrity is important in the SEC football (um, okay), but not so much in basketball.

      1. I love the name you used for me. That is to be expected. I could call you a s.a., but I won’t get down on your level. The NCAA and I’m certain they watch the UK program closely, has nothing on Calapari while at UK and nothing on the personal side of things. When they find something, then I will be the first one to condemn the issue. Grow up and be excited that this great state could bring home a championship for 3 years in a row.

        1. Scarlett, you reached that level several comments ago, whether you realize it or not. If you’re trying to promote UK’s image, you’re falling way short.

          1. Don’t have to defend UK’s image. Their long history says it all. I know I have lost respect for UL fans during this NCAA Championship games. You fans are sore losers and jealous of any success UK has. Next year it could be 7-1.

    1. No way, Hosea!! Big Blue, all the way, through thick and thin, like true UL fans were a few years back, when they had to give away free tickets when you made a purchase at Druther’s.

  11. The basis of the rivalry is in the history. Probably very few think about the Speed & the Belknap family elitism along with their fellow “City Business & Synagogue Friends” – all should understand that the Commonwealth’s Land Grant University in Central Kentucky “was not good enough for them.” That is, until they no longer wanted to fund it alone, orchestrating a ‘hat in the hand’ begging which began in the late 60’s, finally convincing the Legislature (& one of the few Republican Governors ever)to take them into the State System so all 120 counties (including their own Jefferson County) could pay the fare for their ‘City’ University.
    Whether or not UK captures #9 tonite – it’s been great fun these past 3 wks after a tough season. Just hope no one else gets hurt. If the families of these man-boys need for them to take the contract, then God Bless them. Personally, I would love to see as many of these Kats as can stay around as we look again next March for #9…..or maybe even #10. In the process, they could also acquire their best insurance: a college degree.
    Go Kats !

  12. UofL has come a long, long way since those days, with a great endowment and ever-improving campus and academic outlook, as well as membership in the Atlantic Coast Conference. We can all be proud.

  13. just think…if pitino had the taolent that calipari herds in everyear…pitino would of won 3 or 4 championships by now! what makes pitino one of the greatest coaches today is that he takes 4 star and below players and makes winners out of them! notn some quick pro quo like PAYPAL CAL!!! look at russ smith…a 2 star out of new york and developed him into an all american! look at gourgie dieng..starting in the nba! dont you know that louisville is the top college basketball money making program in america coming in at $45 million with north carolina and kentucky following at $22 million!! you kentucky fans are 1 trick ponies…basketball….its gonna take more than that to claim to be kings of kentucky! try getting a football team for starters!! your football team is a disgrace!!!

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