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All too familiar feeling abounds, with the word from Rick Pitino that Roburt Sallie will not be transferring and Justin Coleman will not be making the grades, again disappointing University of Louisville basketball fans.

Someone out at the Yum Practice Center is either consistently getting ahead of themselves or is chronically incompetent in reading players, reviewing records and negotiating the academic bureaucracy.

Not rocket science, but making a wish doesn’t get it done either.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

20 thoughts on “Groundhog day once more for Louisville basketball”
  1. This is a good point Charlie, On a much smaller level my husband was a Coach at a City College. Academics, transcripts and an interview with the student was the filter for whether or not the student was a fit. Someone needs to be redirected on their abilities in this job.

  2. Well said Charlie. Seems this has become a regular occurrence. Maybe if the assistant coaches making 200K+ per year weren’t spending time reselling Derby tickets, they could spend more time evaluating the recruits.

  3. What it all boils down to is this:

    Sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you don’t. For every Coleman or Sallee…there are also success stories like O’Bannon, McGee, Kuric or Kiser.

    No coach is perfect (except John Calipari…in his own mind) and we’re not in the 70’s anymore…when a guy would stay four years.

    Look at any major college basketball program out there and you’ll find similiar success and disappointment scenrios. No more piling on Pitino and crew, please.

    Hasn’t he been “sacked” enough this spring and summer?

    1. Normally, I’m not very critical of a basketball coach because of all the things he has to juggle. But any criticism of Pitino this summer is rightfully earned due to all the distractions. Maybe if he could have just found an extra 15 seconds somewhere he might have caught the problem. 😉

    2. I agree with you 100% Paul, your post is right on target IMO. Time to stop the negativity and move forward in a positive direction…too many good things happening with UofL sports.

    1. Duly noted. The 15 second remark, though…it’s gonna get way worn out this fall and winter. We don’t need to encourage our rival fan base with it by bringing it up ourselves. Guilty as charged as well…

  4. Ricky has to get focus again! He has to hope the public forgets his problems. However, the opposing recruiting coaches will not. Rick may be past his prime. I would not send my son to him. Time will tell soon enough how the public will continue to preceive him as a coaching choice. I know one thing, a man who will betray his wife and family, will betray you as well, when push comes to shove, just saying. It becomes a matter morals and trust now.

    1. Those brief moments of indiscretion and the accusations that follow amount to pretty severe punishment. His wife knows him best and is sticking with him. I doubt she considers it a betrayal. At any rate, it’s certainly not relevant to the points raised in the original post.

  5. Options vary. I want Rick to turn it around, but I think he is fighting an up hill battle.

  6. The recruiting problems/failures are reminiscent of the time when Tom Jurich arrived and Denny Crum left. Just saying… About one more year of subpar recruiting and it will be time for changes again.

  7. I believe the name of our recruiting coordinator is Pollyanna. Who else could keep up such unflinching optimism in the light of so many no show disasters?

  8. I would think Pitino and his crew do not want to cringe through another year with news like this. Pitino says he is getting his pick of great players – but the show of no show is getting old. I am sure he wants to leave on a high note in 7 years. By then Rick’s hair will be Sicilian silver and white. Hopefully, his team will be upward with prime talent. I hope we can see his team playing stronger this season. I hope.

  9. Rick Pinto job performance can not be judged any differently than our jobs are judged. No ones raises are judged on what you did two years ago! We are judged on our last year’s performance and what we are currenly doing! Rick has to turn his performance around this year.

    1. And this differs from the job that Pitino has done? Where’s this Pinto guy coaching? Wasn’t he one of the guys in ANIMAL HOUSE?

      Good points, though Wilkie. I wish the two year judgement rule could go into effect with relatives, too. LOL

      (You need to create an option for us to edit our comments for spelling mistakes, Charlie.. I’m giulty of thsi prbolem as muhc ass anewon)

  10. I do not want to pile on Rick. He made mistakes, but who hasn’t. It is how you correct them that matters. However, with that said, unfortunatly sometimes time is not on your side in the correction phase and this may be truth in Rick’s situation. Life is often not fair. Your actions often change the direction of your life path. I hope Rick can right his ship and get back on his life path.

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