Not too long ago, Pittsburgh with Coach Jeff Capel limped into the Yum Center with a horrible record and not much to look forward. They’ve turned things around this season,  the Panthers (12-6, 5-2) coming to town this week as one of the most improved teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Patience. Patience. There’s a word that Louisville (2-16, 0-7) fans are tired of hearing. But the transfer portal, name, image and likeness, and a realistic chance at playing time should help bring in more talent.

UofL Coach Kenny Payne talk a lot about loyalty. About this place “Louisville basketball” being special. “These guys don’t know what this team was like before Covid. That 2013 team was a great team. Kids don’t know that and it’s up to us that we have to educate them.”

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Payne also touched on some alarming news in college basketball from the University of Alabama. Player Darius Miles provided the weapon in a weekend shooting. Another person actually shot the gun in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Saturday night. He was immediately released from the team and charged with capital murder.

This prompted Payne to have a talk with his team and showed the arrest to his team on tape. He spoke about being aware of surroundings, who you hang out with. “Can you imagine being a parent of the young lady who died,” said Payne. “Can you imagine of being a parent of the kid that is on the team or the other man that was involved in it. Heart breaking. Over what?

“The decisions of what these young people make these days. It could be anybody.

“It may not be the one pulling the trigger, maybe the one sitting in the car. Why are you there at that time of night. That decision will last families forever……that one kid the rest of their lives. That’s tough. It’s heart breaking. I think it’s our job to educate them on what their decisions can mean.”

It isn’t always about basketball.

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By Ed Peak

Ed Peak has covered UofL sports since 1973, as a student reporter, as a correspondent for the Courier-Journal, a freelancer for the Associated Press and United Press International, as well as ScoreCard, Fox Sports and CBS radio.