Giant Steps For Lady Cards

For those Card fans who recognized early on that women’s basketball has a great future at U of L, this has already been a memorable year. The Lady Cards, over the last half of the season and during the conference tournament, began taking the steps that will usher in a new era.

No longer will Lady Card teams be intimidated by the Rutgers, the UConns, the wildness at West Virginia. The returning talent on this team, which will be further strengthened by a top 10 recruiting class, is committed to making U of L a national contender in women’s basketball in short order. But first comes this year’s NCAA tournament and some more fine tuning.

Sonja’s Comments:

“I really can’t say it much better than that. David nearly took down Goliath tonight. In Goliath’s back yard, in front of family, friends and a bewildered ESPN crew. I wish Rebecca Lobo would just go ahead and get married, ya know? Give Angel and the girls all the props you can find for them. And stay tuned, folks…because the Big Dance is gonna love the way the Cards take to the floor. Rest well, ladies. You put on one heck of a show fora nationwide viewers tonight, and let’s hope the Selection Committee was watching.

“Of course, it wouldn’t matter to Angel if we get a #4 seed or a #14. She’s gonna lace ‘em up, set her jaw and come after you whether it’s Tennessee or Tennessee-Martin. Whether it’s in Hartford, the heartland or Hart County. And, her teammates feed off the frenzy.

“Geno, you won your Invitational, got your title and #1 seed. But, I hope you learned something more than all that. I hope you realize that there’s a new star rising in the Big East, and it’s directly over the Ohio River. I hope we get you again. In the tourney, on a neutral court and without Rebecca Lobo fawning your every move. A rookie coach almost stole your crown, danced with your prom queen and finished your punch and cookies. Sleep well, Geno. Maybe with one eye open …”

* * *

A shame the Women’s Big East Conference Tournament has to be played on any team’s home court. It’s not good in either women’s or men’s basketball for that matter. Officials are swayed. It’s a weakness, a human frailty, impossible to deny or overcome. What’s really laughable or downright sad — take your pick — is that the home court bias or lack of fortitude is so obvious in far too many cases.

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Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.