When You’re Hot, You’re Hot!

Special Commentary By Sonja

Remember the old Jerry Reed song from the seventies? It certainly describes the UofL Women’s team in the first half of the semi-final game against WVU tonight. The Cards could do no wrong, in jumping out to a 41-21 lead against the Eers. I fully expected Buford T. Justice to come running out during the action and slap the cuffs on Angel! Brandie Radde drilling threes like Jordan in his prime, Tise (Chauntise Wright) controlling the boards with majestic authority…Lord! It made you wish it would never would end.

But, you knew the Eers would rally. Four 1,000 point scorers. Sanni the Beast on the boards. Like me, you wondered if this tired Cardinal squad could withstand the onslaught of the second half…Well, look at the scoreboard. 67-60. Enuff said.

Tonight will be tough. 4 games in 4 days. UConn and the mighty Geno. Let’s celebrate this one, and wait for tomorrow. Given the heart, guts, soul and grit of these Cards…..anything is possible.

* * *

Wiley Brown’s Indiana University Southeast team won its last 11 games, including the championship of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference tournament, and is on its way to the NAIB Tournament. They open against No. 10 College of the Ozarks on Wednesday at 8 p.m. [U of L won the NAIB Championship in 1948, the only team to ever win the NAIB, the NIT, and the NCAA (2).]

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.