The 2010 football recruiting class will likely be the best ever for the University of Louisville football program but …

National signing day for college football recruits is full of surprises, a few disappointments and reminders that some high school players are incredibly fickle when it comes to deciding their future.

The more talented the recruits, the better the likelihood that other schools are working on them until the very last minute. Courting them with promises of who knows what, encouraging kids to break commitments, disrupting relationships with teammates, anything to get that name on the letter of intent.


Charlie Strong is not new to the recruiting game. Formerly with Florida, the new U of L coach knows he now has to outwork opposing recruiters to get the job done. That has to be one of the reasons why the number of commitments exceeded the 27 recruit limit. He probably suspected some of them might be changing their minds on signing day.

A couple of big names on his prospect list have opted to go elsewhere — Todd Chandler to South Florida and Kadron Boone to Louisiana State University. Meanwhile, Torrian Wilson, an early commitment, sent his fax to Central Florida

Tim Patterson, at Louisville Central, has announced he will go to Lexington, most likely to work on becoming eligible.

Good players. Definite losses. An unfortunate part of the recruiting game. But it explains why Charlie Strong was going after so many good ones. The near misses serve as reminders of how difficult the challenges could be in restoring the U of L football program. Prospects have improved dramatically but success likely won’t happen overnight.

The recruiting parties at the Parrish House on Floyd Street and the BBC tavern in St. Matthews will be going strong Wednesday evening, but Charlie Strong won’t be at either of them. He and his staff will probably be on the telephones, still recruiting.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

11 thoughts on “Recruiting Just Beginning For Charlie Strong”
  1. More good news than bad news, and that’s good with football recruiting. Checkbook recruiting is full swing in the SEC, you can bet on that.

  2. You’re right. It won’t happen overnight. But there will be immediate improvement against the first opponent next season.

  3. Sorry to hear about Patterson. UK wins one recruiting battle, and they’ll turn that into a major propaganda victory.

  4. Patterson can sign at UK, but he will have to red-shirt because of grades and there is the possibility that he may not make the grades anyway, so what did we lose?

  5. Excuse the second post, but I just read the CJ on Patterson, he is a non-qualifer. UK can not offer him a scholarship nor could we. He just enrolled at UK. He is a gray shirt, he may never play a down of D1a football.

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