A current complaint from fans is why many corporate seats go unused at football games. A company makes a big donation, and deservedly gets tickets in return. But why do many tickets go unused? The reasons are as varied as the companies.

I’ve got a suggestion for Tom Jurich. Why not put their corporate names or brands on the seats? That way the companies would get more of the public recognition they all seem to want so badly.

Even more important, fans could finally see which companies are or are not following through on their sanctimonious commitments as “good corporate citizens involved in the community.” Fans would thank the companies for their support, or, in the case of the empty seats, ask them directly about why the tickets aren’t used.

The best result would be to spur the managers with the tickets to get off their butts and distribute them to employees.Do you know your company’s policy on distributing tickets?

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “Corporate Fannies”
  1. Escapism is not my bag. I’ll get basketball fever soon enough. We have challenges/opportunities to work on in football still.

  2. It’s the same at the Lousiville Bats games. All the good seats are empty. The people who pay moncy to see the games are down in the outfield corners.

    Maybe Rick or Eric could do a column to give this “problem” more attention.

  3. Fantastic idea. It’s a win/win, really: “advertising” for the company; “exposure” when they don’t fill their seats.

  4. Scott: Fan chance of those guys doing a column to help U of L out. Tom just needs to do it.

  5. Wes: I suspect the tickets are winding up in some desk drawer. Some lazy community relations manager needs to her or his butt in gear. One problem were I worked was the person in charge of them just kept them available in case a vice president called for them. That’s not fair to other employees.

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