Admit it. You could get excited about a University of Louisville football team playing in a bowl game in the new Yankee Stadium.

Yeah, it’s primarily a baseball facility, it would be cold, and it wouldn’t be a New Year’s Day game. But it would be at the home of one of sport’s most prestigious addresses.newyankeestadium

The Big East has confirmed that negotiations are proceeding nicely for a new Yankee Bowl, which would be played between Christmas and New Year’s. The opponents would include the third or fourth-place Big East team versus the seventh-place team from the Big 12, starting after the 2010 season, according to a New York Times blog.

“For the Big East, the game gives it some increased exposure in a prime recruiting destination for its members. Obviously, New York is the media capital of the world,” said Nick Carparelli, Jr., associate Big East commissioner for football. “And there’s already a large Big East presence in New York with our basketball tournament. We feel this would be an opportunity to further brand the Big East in New York City.”

While the likelihood of a bowl this year seems remote, it’s good to know the Big East is preparing for the future. Louisville football will be an integral part of that future.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

10 thoughts on “Big East Close To Yankee Bowl Deal”
  1. Warm weather bowls. That’s the ticket here. No interest at all in going the the Big Apple and freeze my butt off in Yankee Stadium watching a lower tier bowl game. Move it to Florida or the Bahamas…

  2. What about ticket packages including something to do with the ball dropping in Times Square? You’re telling me you wouldn’t want to be a part of a New Year’s celebration in the Big Apple? Yes, the cold has its disadvantages, but it’s better than sitting at home going to no bowl.

  3. Gotta agree with Joe here. Football bowls should be played in southern states with at least 80 degree weather or better. Having sat thru two freezing Liberty Bowls and a trip to the Motor City Bowl that was absolutely brutal weather…give me Tampa, Miami or even Jacksonville anytime.

    I realize we may be a few years away from these venues, given our current “reorganization” scheme…but given the chance to go to NYC for a bowl and stay home and watch it on TV…I’m on the TV. I still remember Rutgers…ugh.

  4. Any other Northern location, I might agree. But a game in Yankee Stadium would be a pretty strong motivation, along with all the other NYC attractions. Some day science may come up with a way to warm up those cold weather stadiums (in my dreams, anyway).

  5. I’ve tried to keep quiet this week because I have nothing nice to say, but seriously guys, why are we talking about bowl games? This team getting to any type of bowl game seems like a ridiculous notion to me. With or with out Kragthorpe next year will be much of the same.

  6. PeeWee was a Dodger. I hate the f**king Yankees. That gives me another reason to say that I go to our bowl games but not that frozen tundra one.

    And of course the way things are going for us I’m not sure what relevance bowls are.

  7. Tomorrow’s a brand new day. The Yankee Bowl wouldn’t start until after the 2010 season. Kragthorpe will have hit his stride by then or we will have a new coach making waves. Have to look forward to the future. As Denny Crum once said, “Our future is ahead of us.”

  8. One of the coldest football games I can remember is when my parents took us to the Liberty Bowl game in 1993. Fortunately, the women’s restroom was heated and my sister and I spent the entire second half it seemed in there or making trips to the concession stand for hot chocolate.

    I can only imagine what Yankee Stadium would be like in late December.

    Of course, if Derek Jeter showed up….hmmm.

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