This could only happen in the never-ending conference realignment saga.

Money wasn’t supposed to be an object for West Virginia University when it came to getting into another conference. But when push came to shove, WVU apparently needed help, a lot of help. Needed millions in financial assistance.

No word as to whether it’s a loan. If so, we’re sure they’re good for it, being a big-time football program and all.

WVU and the Big East Conference have reportedly reached a settlement allowing the Mountaineers to join the Big 12 this year for a hefty $20 million price tag. However, WVU is only ponying up $11 million.

The Mountaineers apparently coming up a little “short,” counting on the good will of the Big East and the deep pockets of their new conference brethren. Each Big 12 school will ante up $1 million on behalf of WVU to seal the deal.


Not a way to begin a marriage, the new member of the family having already leaned on everybody in the conference for money.

We’re sure WVU will lean over backwards to be extra nice to fans of Big 12 teams visiting Morgantown. Yeah, one can count on that.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

63 thoughts on “Big 12 members come to assistance of West Virginia”
  1. Kentucky rules you second rate thugs. Arent you so high and mighty and in a place to judge. Bye bye auto BCS bowl bid. . . YOU SUCK



  4. Awwww. I wonder just how different the story would have read if Louisville was picked to join the Big12 and found themselves in the same position?

    Now that WVU is gone, you actually might have a chance at winning a championship in Conference Big Eastern USA Mountain South 10. Good luck with that.

  5. Sorry you were passed over due to not really amounting to much in either basketball or football, outside of a year or two. I doubt the Big 12 would have offered to help pay for you guys to enter the Big 12, but good job in baiting us WVU fans to help you drive up your ‘site visits’.

  6. Upset a little bit? If you knew the truth, you’d know WVU is getting out nothing close to a hefty pricetag, and our future conference mates decided to help, not because we needed it, but because they want us in their conference already. You know, as opposed to U of L, who they decided wasn’t getting in. Enjoy C-USA 2.0

  7. Wow… I can literally see your bitter beer face!

    The $9 million is a loan, partner, hate to break it to you. We will repay it. And what’s the big deal anyway? You turned the Big 12 down, remember? Your “class” prevented you from breaking a stupid agreement with a do-nothing conference that is the butt of a million jokes!

    Get ready for Memphis… if they’re anything like Marshall you’re in real trouble!

  8. Remember the B12 was in desperate need for a 10th TV partner. Any school they invited would have been in the same compromised position with the conference they were leaving at such a late time.

  9. If you think for one second UoL woud not take this same route to get into the Big12 and out of the Big Least you’re kidding yourself. Sounds like a bit of jealousy on your part to me. See ya.

  10. Our 9 million from the Big 12 schools is being pad by Mizz and AM from there buyouts to leave the Big 12 for the SEC. It is nice to be in a conference where the other members have your back, and I look forward to watching Lville waste away in the Big East enjoy yourselfs.

  11. Impossible…we were offered the deal first. We will stay for the full 27 months because of our high morals….so we should be out around 2016 and back in CUSA. Our AD is working on a deal to get us in the NFC East in the meantime. Just ask Colton on our scout site. We drool over him.

  12. It’s more of a mutual benefit, really. The Big 12 needed 10 teams in 2012 for their TV contract. WVU was probably fine with saying the extra year, but the Big 12 insisted on 2012. It just makes sense for them to help buy out their commitment.

  13. This message is brought to you by the American Medical Association…

    Explosive butthurt can be very dangerous. If you are feeling the symptoms of EB, which include jealousy, hated and lie-spewing, please seek medical attention immediately.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    We now return you to your regularly-scheduled mid-major cajoling.

  14. You’re just jealous that the Cards aren’t going to the BIGXII!! They needed us this year, so they are helping us pay for it. It’s simple, really. Have fun playing SDSU and Memphis!!!! The nation eagerly awaits the UofL/UCF game!!!!!

  15. You have to be kidding. This makes it clear that anyone with a computer and internet can post whatever garbage comes to their mind.

    The Big 12 did not give WVU a “charity donation”. They offered to pay the money, to get us out of the Big East, so that we may play ball next year. Why? Because they realize we are valuable to their conference. That is why they picked WVU over Louisville. WE ADD VALUE.

    Enjoy the even Bigger Least, Louisville.

    And some advice- just keep quiet. As soon as you open your mouth, the jealousy flows like a river.

    1. Yes indeed! West Virginia adds more value to the Big 12 than when Missouri was in the conference.

      Thank you, Mountaineers for joining us! You have helped to make us a stronger conference.

      The Big 12’s assistance in WVU’s buyout from the Big East is nothing but chump change. Heck, University of Texas by itself could buy the entire Big East Conference!

  16. I think Charlie Springer is going to look very, very silly if Lville gets financial assistance from the Big12 if/when it gets invited.

  17. Jealousy is a bitch!! Just can’t stand that we got picked instead of you scrubs! Tell me something though, could you have put up $20 million to leave the Big Least?! Don’t think so . . The Big 12 wanted us so badly they offered the help! After our BCS success we could’ve put up the dough easily! Ha jokes!

  18. I don’t get all of the hatred either way. We are stuck in a crapy confernece with a bunch of looser teams. I dont know why WVU fan need to make it worse, or why a UL fan would care were the money came from.

  19. You WVU fans dont seem to realize that we are a dominant football program. I mean dear God we blasted you into oblivion by a total 3 points this year. What an epic dismantling that was. We only need another 300 wins or so and we are right there. I suspect Teddy will win the heismam this year and we will go undefeated. Charlie will continue to beat Florida, FSU, and everyone else for any recruit he wants.

  20. Jesus H. Christ on a cracker, you Louisville folks are the most delusional, butthurt group I’ve ever seen. At this point, I’d drop you a few notches lower than Marshall fans, which is downright pathetic.

    Charlie Springer must be the Chuck Landon of Louisville.

  21. BTW your facts are incorrect. The money given by the b12 WILL be treated as a loan. WV will repay the money over time. As reported by the Morgantown Dominion Post.

  22. You know the reason they’re willing to help us up front is because we’re doing this to help them out, since they’d be the one stuck with not enough games, right?

  23. SCREW YOU QUEERS AND ASSMUCNHERS. We are going to dominat the Big East. It a better conference now wid out you

  24. Its a win win situation. The Big 12 needed somebody for next year for their TV contract. WVU needed out of a sinking ship that puts basketball schools first over football schools. Even though the money is in football. And WVU has a shrewd AD in Oliver Luck, who is willing to make big boy decisions. Heck Louisville, you just got called up from CUSA only a few years ago, and you have the nerve to think you were ready to jump to the BIG12. Win some BCS bowls first and then yo might be able to feel you are ready to move up to a conference like the BIG12. And to the BIG12 I say this. Thank you for inviting us to join you, we are honored to Join your Conference, now lets have some fun.

  25. Why don’t you guys go beat some PG women! That is what you do best. That is why LSU blocked you from the SEC!

  26. Isn’t it cute that one very insecure mountain hilljack creates 25 different “clever” moniker to flood the comments section so that he can look like a cyber-mob.

    We should forgive them though, it must feel good to escape the encroaching doom they see on the horizon that is Charlie Strong Cardinal Football that was preparing to swallow them for the forseeable future.

    They won’t take anymore L’s from us in the Big 12, for now anyway.

    1. With a name like “Porkins”, sounds like you are the hilljack. I’m so sure that WVU is scared to death of Louisville. Give me a break. You don’t know how ridiculous you sound. We hope you join the Big XII soon so we can see about that Cardinal domination, HA!

      1. Yeah, I can’t get over the fear I have of another 3 pt loss, that would give the Cardinals just their 4th win in a 14 game series…..I can just see another blocked FG being returned for a TD every year, thankfully we get to hide from Louisville by playing patsies like Oklahoma, Texas, OSU, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech, and Kansas State.


        1. I have nothing against pigs, but I have a big problem with people making idiotic remarks, like Porkins.

  27. What exactly was said that wasn’t true?

    I see a lot of venom being spewed from east of here, but not much being said about the actual facts of the blog post.

    Those last couple of lines must hit a little close to home…

    1. Th only actual truth revealed in your blog is the oozing jealousy from you and the Cardinal fan base. You only wish that a good Conference wanted the 3rd rate louisville program, let alone be willing to assist them with the buyout money to get it done. I don’t think WVU did need any help and probably could have paid the entire 20 million from the get go, but financing it with the help of the Big 12 savings and Loan does not hurt us (Can you imagine how cool it is to have a superior league so happy to have you coming in that they are willing to help you like that?). As usual instead of dealing with actual fact a cardinal fan goes off on wild speculative tangents like Tom Jurich turning down an invitation from the Big 12 because of Louisville class.

      Did WVU get assistance in its buyout? yes. Does that mean WVU could not have paid the entire amount? No, that is delusionville specualtion, defering the 9 million over time certainly can help but it isn’t neccessarily a requirement.

      What we do know is that the Big 12 feels WVU is important enough to assist with the 20 Million buyout, and I LOVE that this fact hurts your butt….may I suggest ‘Preparation H’ as a remedy?

      1. Ned, just a little good-natured ribbing between friends. Just couldn’t resist. You guys are just too easy a target. Actually, we’re very happy for you and wish you well in the Big 12.

        1. That would disappoint me if I thought it was true, because although it may be a flaw of mine and is indicative of my nature as a bully, I just seem to take pleasure in the discomfort and anguish of those inferior to me or in this case inferior to WVU and the entire Big 12

            1. I can’t help it Charlie, I just love tortutring the less fortunate, hitting cardinal fans with dead rats, throwing batteries, dipping unsuspecting louisville cheerleaders in boiling oil, roasting Cardinal fan’s babys in a BBQ pit for days (for that fall off the bone, smokey flavor).

              And I enjoy the absolute anguish that your fan base is feeling right now…..just priceless! 😉

  28. Hey Charlie—Yea it’s a shame the only Big East Football Program playing in and winning BCS games is now leaving—GOOD LUCK!!!!

  29. You do realize that the Big XII is chipping in because WVU makes the conference’s TV contract whole? At least try to understand all the facts before you opine on the situation.

  30. If anything WVU and the Big 12 “caved” in this situation. The Big East OWED WVU a substantial amount of money for post season appearances in football and basketball, something UofL doesn’t know much about. If WVU wanted to press the issue and let it play out in court they would have gotten out for considerably LESS than $11 million. But alas, the Big 12 needed another team NOW to fulfil contract obligations. It was mutual beneficial for all sides to settle.

    It wasnt “good will” from the Big East, or WVU coming up short……….

    Now UofL can go “dominate” the big east…….. Oh wait, they couldn’t even beat Marshall, so Memphis may spank them around…..

      1. Well there is the Kagethorpe whine again, damn you people are nothing but a pile of ignorant excuses…..we hired a bad coach, waahhh.

        We did too freaks, and when you had a bad Krapethorpe WVU was still beating you with a Bad Stewart….one fan base simply has the manhood to not whine about coaching and the other is louisville.

  31. WVU is just scared to play UofL next year at our place and frankly I cant blame them. Their fans are the biggest pieces of crap in the country. Just wait till Texas and OU bring their 20k fans to a game in Morgantown, they will be thinking what did we get ourselves into. LMAO.

    1. We’re just shaking in our boots at the thought of having to play them little red birds with teeth. You should take your act on the road because you’re hilarious.

  32. Enjoy your slow, agonizing death in the new CUSA. Say hi to Bitch McConnell for me. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  33. The true hurts L-ville fans.

    “Are the networks pushing for 12 (or more) teams and a conference championship?

    Great question on the networks. I don’t know. But my guess is that the networks are focused not so much on how many, but who? I know that the networks were the champions of West Virginia’s addition. West Virginia brought an excellent profile to Big 12 football telecasts. So anyone of that stature would be enticing to the networks. Someone like BYU, probably yes. Someone like Louisville, probably no.”

      1. I assume your jealousy in this article is a result of WVU getting into the Big12 over Lville so in a way the post is not straying from the original issue but in fact backing it up by other peoples opinion who are actually in the know.


    So long, ya jerks! May you rot forever and ever in the Bigger Least and Charlie Strong bolts for another team in ~2 years!

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