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To relevant media outlets:

I would like to rescind my latest comments about conference expansion.  I have been very stressed lately about this whole situation and I was running at the mouth when I should have been mum.

A couple of assistant coaches from the football program sauntered into my office the other day and were quite persuasive in enlightening me on a new approach.  I now have the utmost faith in how Athletic Director Tom Jurich and President Ramsey are handling the situation.  They will do what is best for the University of Louisville.  I plan on retiring in a few years and will finish out my tenure as the Cardinals head basketball coach in whatever conference they deem is best for our school’s future.

I would like to thank the AD, President, and most of the fans for sticking with me during my recent philanderings and appreciate their support.  I would like to rededicate my public soapbox towards this concept.  I will keep my mouth and cybermouth shut about further developments until The University makes an official announcement.  Please do not ask me anymore in regards to this sticky situation, or you will receive a “no comment”.  I have at least one more championship to bring to The Ville before I retire because The University and its loyal fans have paid me enough money so that my great grandchildren can lay on a beach somewhere in the year 2035.

Be sure to check my next blog next Thursday on how I have been catching up on recruiting because of wasting time talking to my buddy Andy.

Go Cards and Go Big Ea…  er … just Go Cards.

By Steve Springer


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By Steve Springer

Steve Springer is a lifelong University of Louisville fan and was Volvo's "Biggest Fan of the Big East" in 2011. He's a sportswriter for the Murray Ledger & Times, in addition to teaching physical education. He graduated from Eastern High School, earned a Master's degree from the University of Louisville and his BS degree at Murray State University. His Twitter handle is @racercard.

6 thoughts on “A cut & paste for future Pitino blog”
  1. Nicely done, Steve!! All that’s missing is a Boeheim footnote indicating that he plays in a bigger arena than Rick. Greed…it’s what’s for dinner.

  2. Rick is welcome to take me to porcini’s any time he wants to. However I won’t put out on our first date!
    Seriously, I wish the creep would retire, quit, go back to New York, Lexnothington, just go.
    I have loved Louisville basketball and football since the days of the MVC, but firing a good and decent man like Denny Crum to hire this azzhole amazes me.

  3. Andy Katz had another article on ESPN today saying a Louisville source says UofL is staying in the BE and trying to hold it together. Of course the source would be Pitino.

    Wonder if Rick is going to take Andy to dinner at Porcini’s.

  4. Hilarious and very contemporary, Game, lol. I could add much, including the snapping turtles who apparently list for Rick to open his mouth at any point in time. I would hope his sense of humor allows him to laugh at himself as much as we laugh at his foibles as a human. After all, better him than me!

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