Couple of bolstering days for Louisville athletics

Two bolstering days in a row for University of Louisville fans. Treasure them, hope for a few more.

Anyone think it was a coincidence that there was a construction crane emblazoned with name PADGETT in all caps in front of the towering stadium expansion in the north end zone? Or that there was not one video replays during a 60-minute football game?

A crowd of 47,826 against Murray State is solid turnout on a good day for UofL fans.

A day after David Padgett becomes the basketball coach, the football team was taking care of business with a 55-10 thrashing of Murray State at Cardinal Stadium on Saturday. The basketball team getting a standing ovation, the football team getting almost everybody on the roster into the game.

UofL fans needing to get together, reaffirming their loyalty, enjoying some tailgating, supporting each other after a tumultuous week that some would say shook the foundations of the athletic department. The feelers were out but there no signs of any doubting Thomases, no one losing faith or disrespecting the University this day. Not here, not ever.

Louisville has been through almost as many ups as downs over several decades in football and basketball. Cardinal fans are a hardy lot, enduring the slings and arrows of the media, especially the local newspaper, but growing, expanding and winning in spite of the obstacles. They rarely waver when it comes to their UofL teams.

A crowd of 47,826 turning out for a predictable trouncing of a lower level opponent on a perfect autumn day, temperatures in the upper sixties in the shade, seventies in the sun.

Fans rewarded with another impressive performance from Lamar Jackson, their Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, rushing for 100 yards and a touchdown while passing for 249 yards and three other touchdowns. That’s in one half, mind you.

Backup quarterback Jawon Pass playing the entire second half, passing for one touchdown and scoring another himself. Hope for the future.

Trevon Young and Stacy Thomas on defense turning in five and four tackles, respectively, that side of the UofL line holding Murray State to only 61 yards passing and 19 yards rushing. That’s with plenty of young second and third stringers playing during the second half, gaining experience, building depth for the tough haul ahead.

Needed a couple of days like that, thanks.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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  1. It just so happens that pagget is the most well known crane company in the area. I’m sure it’s been there for months.

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