Justice Prevails For Louisville

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The word from Shelby Valley coach Jason Booher is that Elisha Justice is sticking with his choice of walking on at the University of Louisville, declining a last minute rush and some sort of offer from John Calipari at Kentucky.

According to Booher, “He is excited about the opportunity to play for Rick Pitino, the Louisville Cardinals and in the Big East.”

Source: AllKyHoops.


Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

22 thoughts on “Justice Prevails For Louisville”

  1. Welcome Elisha. Wise decision. Pitino is known for developing players. I small recruiting victory over the evil empire.

  2. He may get a little PT at Louisville. Kentucky has bigger fish to fry. Looks like Krebs scholarship will either go unused or go to a better player.

  3. He’ll have a chance at some playing time at the Ville with “our senior leaders” now graduated. At UK, he’d just be another guy named Harry, standing around the timeout huddles staring at the other white guys on the team who never play either. (See Krebs, Harrelson, Hood, Carter for past/current reference).

    Wise move, Elisha.

    A devilish Calipari attempt to create a 21st century “Little Richie” factor at UK and throw a dagger at UofL all in the same move. Whether he loses 3-5 to the NBA or not…he’s beginning to realize that it probably wouldn’t be a bad move to throw a jersey or two toward in-state kids that will keep the UK fans at bay.

    The self professed best team in the nation…two All-Americans and they finished….where in the NCAA Big Dance? Things are getting a little nervous in Wildcat World and the NCAA physicians may be coming in for a little exam and probe this summer, Cal.

    Not that you would have had anything to do with that. We understand. You never do.

  4. Good decision, Elisha. Nice to hear about someone sticking to a commitment. You will be stronger for the courage we all knew it took with all the pressure on you. You are your own man, and that’s very, very admirable.

  5. You’re going to love Louisville, Elisha. We will love you as well. Going to be fun watching you advance your career in the new arena.

  6. It sure shows character for this young man to honor his commitments. Welcome to the Ville Elisha. You will never be sorry you stuck with us…you’re going to love it here…Go CARDS!

  7. Don’t get too excited. Calipari was just making a courtesy offer. No way he really wants a slow white kid from a no-name school.

    1. Fatcat, have you ever seen Justice play? I am a big Cat fan, but uninformed comments like yours, make me cringe. Justice is extremely quick and is very capable of creating his own shot. He made the kids @ Ballard look slow.

      1. steve i have seen him play atleast six time, he is very quick. but made the Ballard kids look slow. I dont think so, if i am not mistakin didnt ballard hold him to his lowest total of the sweet 16.
        Not takiong any thing away from this kid glad he is coming to louisville, he is a little on the shorter side but nice jump shot and very quick.

  8. I doubt he was ever offered a full scholly to UK. I think Cal only called him once. IF he did pass up a full scholarship to walk on, I don’t think that’s too bright.

    1. Sometimes you just have to do what’s right. I know that’s rare in athletics these days. One really has to admire Elisha for his decision to stick with his commitment instead of playing with constantly changing team of nomads.

      1. Why would he feel any obligation to stay committed to a program that didn’t even offer him a scholarship? That makes no sense.

  9. Elisha wants to coach at the college level and he understands coach pitinos reputation for developing coaches as well as players. I have lived in the shelby valley community all my life and watched elisha play since grade school. He got in the regional tournament when he was an 8th grader and cried because after the game he thought it was his fault because they lost. As far as why he will stay committed to uofl when cal, delk and john hood are ringing his phone off of the hook every single day of his life, well the answer to that is a simple one, because he said he would! Elisha has more character in his left index finger than 90% of the kids his age have in their whole body. How many 17 year old kids will you find sitting in the locker room reading his bible to the entire team, no most of them have girls, cars, four wheelers and other useless things on their mind, not elisha, god first, family second and then basketball. We wouldnt even be having this discussion if he had not won mr basketball anyway and got the uk alums dander up that they were potentially losing another mr basketball that will beat them in the future and guess what, he sure will. lightning quick court savy pass first score second win not lose take over when he has to all of these describe elisha, cant wait for him next year in a cardinal uniform. Coach Pitino you got a steal in this kid.

  10. Kid wants to be a coach one day he is undersized to play in nba or professional basketball. He’s future is being a coach and what better way to learn then from coach pitino,,he might pay some money being a walk on but in future he will benefit from it a lot ,,,coach crepari never produced big time coach so no reason for this kid to go there and uk did offer him a scholarship but would help him in future

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