Pulling more for Derek than Nolan? A confusing mix of emotions.

The sentimental favorite is Duke in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament, at least for one observer. A couple of reasons, actually.

First, there’s Nolan Smith, the son of Derek Smith, an all-time University of Louisville favorite. Yeah, we hate it that Nolan didn’t pick U of L. Defies logic a son saying he doesn’t want to play in his father’s shadow. Something strange about that. Still, one wants to honor the memory of Derek.

Second, Duke is the team University of Kentucky fans would least like to win an NCAA title after Louisville. A fourth national championship for Duke would be seen as a clear threat to UK’s self-proclaimed preeminence in college basketball.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “Give The Nod To Duke And Derek”
  1. I believe I would speak for the majority of the Big Blue Nation, but for this post, I will speak only for myself. I would rather see Louisville win a National Champion then Duke. In a recent poll taken by UKBIGBLUENATION, Duke was the overwhelming choice as the team most disliked by UK fans. It wasn’t even close. You of L is definitely a huge rival, but not close compared to the dislike for Duke.

  2. Nolan had to do what he had to do. It’s his right, his free choice. But that doesn’t mean my wife and I are happy about it. Go WVU.

  3. I find it amusing that after all these years, UK is still holding on to that grudge from 1992 even though Duke has long since moved past it (even though UK beat them in the tournament in later years).

    Move on people. Move on.

    1. Far be it for me to stick up for UK but a foot stomp to the throat of a prone player will cause just a wee bit of animosity. Especially when that guy doesn’t even get a foul called on him much less get ejected. And I seem to remember he came up pretty big at the end.

      1. I’m a UofL fan all the way. I dislike Puke in the same way I dislike Notre Lame. They come across as arrogant and hauty, especially Puke. I acknowledge, that’s my perception of the general fan base (when it’s probably a small % of the fans and certain media suck-ups) and is probably reflective of a lot of bias on my part…but it is what it is. Sorry Nolan, I loved your father, have nothing against you and greatly admire your talent and character, but let the Butler do it to you (unlikely, but one can always cheer for the underdog)!

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