Anas Mahmoud’s progress interrupted at Louisville

One of the best parts of the 2015-16 college basketball season has been witnessing the impressive improvement in Anas Mahmoud. He’s been a living, breathing affirmation of Rick Pitino’s ability to develop talent from young, aspiring raw material.

Anas Mahmoud 2Such a pleasure seeing him backing into, pivoting around a defender, and laying the ball gently into the basket. Occasionally making a swooping hook shot. Or sailing upwards to block a sure dunk, sending the ball into the seats. He wasn’t always successful but when he was, his awe-struck admirers would shriek with joy.

Shrieking with joy about how far Mahmoud had come,  anticipating how much more he seemed capable of improving, possibly becoming one of those rare dominant forces in the middle.

Alas, University of Louisville fans have seen the last of Anas Mahmoud for this season. Anas stepped on another player’s foot and sprained an ankle during practice on Monday. He will be in a boot and on crutches for the immediate future, missing UofL’s final six games this season.

The sophomore from Cairo, Egypt has averaged 3.2 points and 3.0 rebounds this season with 29 blocked shots, averaging 14 minutes a game during ACC action.  He scored a career-high 15 points in an unforgettable game at Georgia Tech in January.

Back to the feed table and the weight room during the off season, hopefully under Pitino’s watchful eyes.

Author: Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, as well as a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.