Really hard to feel sorry for Kevin Ware.

Ticketed for driving 95 miles per hour in a construction zone, this while using a borrowed car from a friend. Putting his and other people’s lives at risk in a reckless manner. Not smart. Ware was fortunate he wasn’t tossed into a Barren County jail that night.

He apparently ignores the fine, which usually can be mailed in, and misses the court date. Like no one in authority is going to come after him. Dumb. Lucky again that a warrant wasn’t issued Monday and that he’s not in jail today.

Ware apparently hadn’t told anyone on the staff. As a result of Ware’s actions and inaction, Rick Pitino is blindsided on questions about the issues during a press conference.

The news coming as a shock to Pitino, an individual who doesn’t like surprises, wanting to be in control, keeping the focus on basketball and continued success. The coach trying to digest the information, recover quickly, then stumbling for words, contradicting himself at times.

The incident raising questions about Ware’s friend and the use of a borrowed car. Fans of a rival school seizing on an opportunity to point fingers and make accusations about the program. Bringing back reminders of rumors about Ware having been suspended during the summer, a report Pitino and Ware said had no foundation.

Pitino has to be seething about the way Ware has conducted himself, his actions suggesting recklessness, irresponsibility and a lack of maturity. But he has to be careful because in many minds, Ware is still revered by many people after the shocking injury he incurred during the nationally-televised NCAA game.

Does he boot Ware off the team? Probably not. The impact of the traffic incident and missed court appearance will fade from the headlines as the UofL basketball season continues. Indefinite suspension, similar to that for Chane Behanan, would be a possibility. That remains to be seen. Ware’s idiocy led to Pitino being ambushed and embarrassed publicly.

The guess here is that Pitino and Ware will have a “set to” that Ware will never forget. The outcome of the meeting being unpredictable, the actions and reactions within ultimately determining the extent of Ware’s punishment. But then Pitino is anything but predictable.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.