The good news is that no more University of Louisville football games will be on this season.

Since the observer hadn’t updated his computer software for his Roku player before hooking it up to the TV Saturday, there was no sound to go with the picture. The system had worked flawlessly up until the Louisville-Florida International game. All attempts to sync the picture with Paul Rogers’ call on WKRD radio were doomed from the start.

Any plugging and unplugging cords when the football is resting the tee would lead to rage. So he’s forced to watch the game on a 13-inch laptop, upstairs, away from the man cave, the 55-inch TV used primarily for Louisville games. Hoping the signal remains constant.

The experience reminded one of the old days before television, back when everybody huddled around a radio console for big games, except that radios were more reliable. Watching a game on a computer is uncomfortable, adding greatly to the tension of a football game.

The dizzy sideline reporter, probably someone’s niece at ESPN, with no clue about football, made it obvious this was a low budget operation. By confiscating the TV rights for even minor games, ESPN has managed to deprive fans of the ability to enjoy a simple telecast.

The Louisville-Southern Mississippi game will be televised on the CBS Sports channel, which is Channel 968 on Insight and Channel 631 on DirectTV.

Just don’t wait til game day to start configuring.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.