Football coaches come and go, but Charlie Strong stays

The college football coaching carousel is getting set to start up again, probably in a big way if the University of Texas is able to lure Nick Saban away from Alabama. If the Crimson Tide feels threatened, no program is immune from the poaching.

One sure bet is that Bobby Petrino, currently at Western Kentucky University, is surveying the landscape, anticipating a quick exit from Bowling Green. One year may not be penitence enough for Bobby, but some big name program won’t be able to restrain its ambitions. If winning is the ultimate objective, that offer could come from anywhere.

The University of Cincinnati, which seems to lose its head coach every other year, may be safe this time around. Or maybe not, with Tommy Tuberville possibly interested in returning to the Southeastern Conference. Too bad for Kentucky which hired someone else a year too early. He might have been a good fit in Lexington.

Charlie Strong’s name will appear on a couple of short lists but those are wish lists, not to be taken seriously. Strong is already one of the top 10 highest paid coaches in the country. His boss Tom Jurich has taken some other precautionary steps to encourage his coach’s continued loyalty, including keeping Clint Hurtt on staff and commissioning a feasibility study on stadium expansion.

Jurich himself rejected overtures from Texas for the athletic director’s post, which many would consider one of the top jobs in the country. Texas fans certainly think so. But there are too many bosses and second-guessers in Texas for anyone to ever satisfy many of them when it comes to football. We suspect Charlie Strong would make a similar decision if Texas were to start looking this way.

Jon Gruden script turns up in Miami with familiar ending

Someone from Miami must have been rummaging around in the dumpster outside Tom Jurich’s office for his old notes.

Speculation surrounding the search for a new football coach at Miami is strikingly similar to that which occurred in Louisville in the weeks before Steve Kragthorpe got the axe at the University of Louisville last season.

Even including the list of coaching candidates, with Jon Gruden’s name at the top.

All of the “insiders” were saying that a deal with the former Tampa Bay coach was imminent. That all they had to do was dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Ultra highly placed sources saying it was  a done deal. Flights were being tracked, people were meeting over lunch, the moving vans were next.

Jon Gruden would be announced within a day or so.

Even Colin Cowherd, a syndicated sports talk host, was saying Gruden was the guy, proclaiming Gruden would be a “rock star recruiter” or words to that effect, that Miami would go something like 48-4 over the next four seasons. Cowherd again with his unimpeachable sources.

Gruden, like last year, was saying nothing and not confirming anything. That’s because Gruden knows he’s much better off being on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. He told the San Francisco Chronicle Thursday “I knew there was a lot of speculation over the last few days, and for that, I’m sorry.”

Now fans on the Miami sports forums are throwing around names like Tommy Tuberville and Mike Leach, in another rewrite of the Louisville script from 2009. Charlie Strong’s name has been mentioned more than a few times. The only name missing is Butch Jones at Cincinnati.