Fans May Still Be Able To Get Tickets
To That Last Freedom Hall Game Yet

by Tom Stosberg

Let’s clear one thing up. The National Invitation Tournament (NIT) isn’t such a bad thing. It’s televised. And usually it’s on Tuesdays when they don’t have the real good stuff like tools and computers on QVC or Home Shopping Network.

Plus they play in some big arenas. Okay, so lots of fans do like to come disguised as empty seats. But, c’mon! They don’t make a lot of noise so you can really hear the kinds of things the coaches tell the players that got them to the NIT.

Here’s another good thing. There are not nearly as many people watching the NIT on TV, so if you’re in a sports joint, you can have the place pretty much to yourself. They might even give you some extra chicken wings just to keep you there. Zowie.

If the University of Louisville basketball team can just hang on and make it to the NIT, there’s a possibility that Edgar Sosa and Mike Marra might be able to play in front of some family members … IF they can win more than two games. Or maybe Wisconsin will make the NIT and Jerry Smith could play in front of some of his folks. Zowie again.

Our “big” men will be able to show off their three-inch verticals and just to make it really exciting one of the Cards may even set the fan base on fire by actually dunking a basketball during an actual game.

Oh, I’m absolutely goosey over the whole thing…the possibilities of an extra game in Freedom Hall. I can already smell the caramel corn. Maybe this time there won’t be an ice rink under the floor causing condensation on the court. But if there is, what the heck. It’s NIT Tournament time!

Does basketball get much better than this? Well, actually, it does.