Petrino a realist not a magician, but offense will get better

Bobby Petrino
Bobby Petrino

Maybe Bobby Petrino isn’t a magician after all, unable to get his offense clicking after six games.

Quarterbacks Will Gardner and Reggie Bonnafon struggling, the offensive line making so many false starts, formerly reliable wide receivers dropping balls in their hands. Not what anyone expected from this University of Louisville football team under Bobby Petrino’s leadership. Painful to watch for a fan base that was expecting the complete opposite coming into the season, the anxiety heightened by inexplicable errors in judgement and carelessness with the football.

But such great effort and execution of the defensive side, a defense that hasn’t allowed an offensive touchdown in four games.

Now we have a better understanding of why Charlie Strong’s offense appeared to struggle against mediocre opponents last season. Remember the narrow seven-point wins over Memphis and Cincinnati in the final two games in the American Athletic Conference? Teddy Bridgewater seemingly carrying the offense on his back. The defense reflects Strong’s emphasis on that side of the ball, the part of the game he knew and coached so well.

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