The T. Boone Big 12 factor

T. Boone Pickens, the $3 to $5 billion man, is the individual to keep an eye on if the Big 12 expansion deliberations stall over the weekend. Now he’s said to be pushing for more Texas teams to be included in the expansion.

The closer we get, the further away a deal seems to being finalized.

Pickens, who has donated an estimated $500 million to the Oklahoma State football program, made hundreds of millions on takeovers, acquisitions and mergers, and his fingerprints will be all over the final product.

Per the video, he has been known to change his mind a few times. Just a while back he was saying there was no way Texas A&M was going to the SEC and that TCU would add no value to the Big 12. He hates Missouri, by the way.

Go West Big East

If it’s true that the Big East is in conversations with some of the betrayed members of the Big 12 Conference, there are some exciting times ahead for University of Louisville fans.

One can easily identify with playing schools like Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Iowa State on a regular basis. Why not go ahead and go after Utah and Brigham Young while we’re at it. All of these options are good to great, all competitive in football and basketball, and probably in the non-revenue sports as well.

Go ahead and let Rutgers and Syracuse go wherever. Good riddance to the unfaithful, the starry-eyed wannabes, the annointed prima donnas.

Dump the basketball-only schools. They should be happy with the singular focus on what the college sports world has deemed to be a secondary sport. Football is king. Long live the king.

Add East Carolina and Memphis, or Southern Miss. Let them join the big boys. They will contribute.

What one would have would be a great collection of schools happy to be together, ready to build toward a collective future.

Do it.