People who closely follow other college football teams have to wonder whether Louisville fans are nuts when they talk about a lack of offense in a game where the Cardinals put 31 points on the scoreboard — or when they praise a defense that gave up 38 points in the most recent outing.

This kind of season will do that to people. Fans want U of L to do well so much that they will contradict themselves, seeing good in bad and bad in good. Who knows what’s up or down after when you’re forced to constantly second guess everything?

Fans aren’t the only ones confused. On his blog, Eric Crawford, of The Courier-Journal, expresses bewilderment about U of L’s offense against WVU:

“Did it do anything tonight that you didn’t expect? Did it do anything that it hasn’t done all season? Was there any indication that anything special had been prepared to counter the WVU defense, or just to surprise it, during a 12-day runup to this game?

“I don’t have to wait for an answer. To all of those, the proper response is, ‘No.’

“The problem I have with this offense isn’t in the plays it runs. It’s in how it is conceived. Nothing seems to build toward anything else.”

Join the club, Eric. Just as U of L fans thought they were becoming pretty savvy about the game, they are introduced to a brand of football totally foreign to everything they’ve ever seen.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou Going Offense?”
  1. Wow, that sea of gold in the Mountaineers stadium was remarkable. West Virginia’s “Gold Rush” fan response was a dazzler. The lights of a night game probably made the stadium colors all the more impressive. The appropriate imagery escapes me, but — if we squint —maybe it was like a giant bowl of yellow M&Ms.

    Wearing gold tops with gold pants on the field wasn’t much of a fashion statement. Still, our guys might have benefited from sunglasses — or maybe a dimming of the stadium lights, as happened last year during our own “Blackout Thursday.” A year from now, the gold-yellow spectacle is probably the only memory many of us will have of what had to inspire the Mountaineer team; it was clearly a home field advantage.

  2. Apparently several folks didn’t get the memo in Morgantown. But congratulations on the win.

  3. Somebody on Kragthorpe’s staff needs to be canned. There is an obvious lack of communications between the assistant coaches and between the assistant coaches and the players. I trust that Kragthorpe will fix this after the season. If he can’t fix it, he is not the person for this program.

  4. Sorry, CardGreat, I have no such trust in K.

    Aren’t we paying $1 mil + for talented insight into MAJOR problems BEFORE our nose is rubbed in them?

    One of our former coaches attended just a few practices this Spring…and commented we’d lose at least 5 games

    Scoffed at before, he tactfully refuses to comment now…

    No, not any trust…just grim, lock-step marching to the “party line” now of one more yr…

    Honestly, do you really think ANYBODY (Jurich included) fully trusts that K will fix things at this point?

    Hardly…they simply have resigned themselves to grimly hope so

    K is now in a “probationary review period” –that’s the reality.

    He gets an undeserved bye on his bottom line results this yr…
    football loyalty, yada, yada

    Thank God I’m not forced to run my company that way–I’d be out of business

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