Louisville Volleyball sent scrambling by Ohio State, ending a win streak of 36 regular season games (Mike DeZarn photo).

Winning streak ends for Louisville Volleyball

Anna Stevenson was there but she was only a spectator, having graduated and moved up to the professional ranks. She was sorely missed in the middle. Such wonderful, unforgettable memories of the 2021-22 University of Louisville volleyball team, which finished the regular season with a

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Happiness was a celebration of a last second 42-35 win over Central Florida during the 2021 season (Mike DeZarn photo).

Louisville football needs proof of life

Excuses galore. Not enough energy. Not enough physicality. Not enough urgency. Syracuse rolled past Louisville in a game that was never in doubt. Coach Scott Satterfield tried to pull things together in his weekly press conference Tuesday. He used terms like “lack of energy” and

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The glimmer of new start and a new football season is quickly tarnished (Mike DeZarn file photo).

Louisville football off to doom and gloom start

Sorry, guys, but the beginning of the return of University of Louisville football to anything remotely resembling the glory days is a long way off. A 31-7 drubbing to Syracuse was something akin to a trip to the woodshed, a compete ass-whooping for the program,

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Train wreck describes Louisville's opening loss to Syracuse (Heir Loom photo).

Syracuse toys with Louisville football in opener

Disappointing. Disheartening. Bad. Poor. That describes the University of Louisville football team’s 31-7 loss at Syracuse, Saturday night. If anything good came out of this game, I couldn’t find it. Now the Cardinals find themselves behind the eight ball. A conference loss to a team

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